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Aporte en Inglés
input; (Latin America) contribution, act of donating contribute

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Aporte en Español
Aparición o desaparición paranormal de un objeto.

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Fenómeno que muchos investigadores de la metapsíquica aseguran haber registrado, en el que un objeto material, generalmente de pequeñas dimensiones, parece poder traspasar la barrera física, sin aberturas ni porosidad, que constituyen las paredes de un recinto sagrado.

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Aporte en Búlgaro
 m 1) икон. апорт; вноска, влог, квота, част; 2) геогр. нанос.

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Aporte en Catalán

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Aporte en Alemán
Beitrag / Beisteuerung

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Aporte en Inglés

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(n.) = contribution.
Ex: A further contribution to the international bibliographical control of serials was the CONSER Project (Conversion of Serials).
(v.) = bring ; inject ; plug into ; chime in with ; kick in ; bring in ; bring + Nombre + to the table.
Ex: Subject experts may bring a more informed and critical eye to document analysis.
Ex: The abstractor injects his opinion and analysis.
Ex: In addition, when the heuristic approach is plugged into this interchange, the many additional facets of human personality and experience transform the exchange.
Ex: Thanks for chiming in with a wonderful explanation.
Ex: Everyone kicked in twenty bucks each and the winning team got to donate it to the charity of their choice.
Ex: Please print this form, fill it out, and bring it in or send it to us.
Ex: The Army Reserve's citizen-soldiers bring many skills to the table.
* aportar a = make + contribution to(wards).
* aportar beneficios = lead to + benefits ; bring + benefits ; bring + benefits.
* aportar ideas = contribute + ideas ; brainstorm.
* aportar materia prima para = provide + grist for + Posesivo + mill.
* aportar sugerencias = contribute + suggestions.
* aportar ventajas = bring + strengths.

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Aporte en Finlandés
osuus yhteiseen hankkeeseen, avustus

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