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Demora en Inglés
grace, reprieve; delay tarry, delay; postpone; linger

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Demora en Español
s.f. demora , mora

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Angulo horizontal que se forma la visual dirigida desde el buque al objeto marcado, con la línea norte-sur verdadero.

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Demora en Búlgaro
 f 1) забавяне, закъснение; sin ~ незабавно; 2) просрочване; 3) мор. пеленг.

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Demora en Catalán

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Demora en Alemán

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Demora en Francés

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Demora en Inglés
it delays

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(n.) = delay ; lag ; time lag [timelag] ; tardiness ; slippage ; lag time [lag-time] ; lateness ; time-delay ; holdout.
Nota: Actitud de una persona de negarse a hacer algo con la esperanza de conseguir lo que busca en mejores condiciones, por ejemplo en una compra, contrato, etc..
Ex: If there are excessive delays in the record becoming available, and long delays become a common phenomenon, the librarian who is anxious to make new stock available for the user as soon as possible will resort to local cataloguing.
Ex: If this periodical is normally received about the middle of the month, the lag is about 15 days.
Ex: It is difficult to avoid an unacceptable time lag between the appearance of the original document and its announcement in an abstracting journal.
Ex: Since 1963 they have produced their own bibliographic listings with various degrees of efficiency and comprehensiveness but usually with the same depressing tardiness in recording new publications which has so beset the UNDEX listings.
Ex: The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) also publishes FAO Books in Print on an intended annual cycle but the programme has been subject to slippage in recent years.
Ex: This article covers ways in which producers of business information on-line have to increase the speed with which searchers can retrieve information, with particular emphasis on increased update frequencies and reduced lag times.
Ex: This excellent cumulative index has not yet realized its full potential because of the relative lateness of its publication.
Ex: Although the entry time-delay for US publications is about 7 months, priority publications are nearly current.
Ex: The article carries the title 'Holdouts and other sneaky vendor tactics: no one profits when providers keep searchers from finding information'.
* actuar sin demora = act + promptly.
* demora en la pista de aterrizaje = tarmac delay.
* demora en la pista de despegue = tarmac delay.
* demora en la recepción = receipt lag.
* demora postal = mail lag.
* gastos de demora = demurrage.
* sin demora = on the spot ; straight away ; without delay ; at short notice ; promptly ; right away ; at once ; timely.
* sin demoras = in a timely fashion ; in a timely manner.
* tiempo de demora = lead time.
(v.) = delay ; hold up ; hold + Nombre + back ; retard ; temporise [temporize, -USA] ; hold off ; play for + time ; drag out.
Ex: It would be wise to delay reading these until you have had some experience in using the scheme.
Ex: Unfortunately, goods of Community origin can also be held up by the surveillance system, often for several weeks.
Ex: Despite the improvements in the 17th edition, the scheme has been held back for years by the old policy of 'integrity of numbers' referred to above, the effects of which are not likely to be quickly mitigated.
Ex: Without the floppy disk, data processing on microcomputers would have been severely retarded.
Ex: The first countries to enter the information society will reap the greatests rewards whereas countries which temporise or favour half-hearted solutions could, in less than a decade, face disastrous declines in investment and a squeeze on jobs.
Ex: A dam at the Strait of Gibraltar could be constructed to limit the outflow and reverse the climate deterioration, thus holding off the next ice age.
Ex: Saddam will play for time and avoid precipitating any crises that could cost him his hold on power.
Ex: The government has been accused again of 'inexcusably dragging out' the construction of the new Pearl Harbor memorial.
* demorarse = lag ; tarry ; drag + Posesivo + feet ; drag + Posesivo + heels ; linger ; be late (for) ; hang + fire ; fall behind.
* sin demorarse un (solo) minuto = without a moment wasted ; without a wasted moment ; without a minute wasted ; without a wasted minute.

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Demora en Italiano
ritardo, tardanza

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Demora en Finlandés
viivytys, viive

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