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Orgía en Inglés
orgy; gang bang, instance in which several persons engage in sexual intercourse with one person (Vulgar Slang); riot; rave

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Orgía en Búlgaro
 orgнa f оргия, разпуснато пиршество.

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Orgía en Catalán

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Orgía en Alemán
Orgie;Ausschweifung Orgie;Ausschweifung

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Orgía en Danés

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Orgía en Inglés

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(n.) = binge ; orgy ; rampage ; sex party.
Ex: Despite the vast monetary resources involved, America's imprisonment binge has had only minimal effects on crime.
Ex: In the Hobbesian world depicted in 'Dragnets', the bad criminals -- if left to their own devices by the good police & citizenry -- would destroy a helpless society in an orgy of brutality.
Ex: These nocturnal rampages by gangs of werewolves included chasing women, eating prodigiously, being splattered with mud, and caterwauling generally.
Ex: And I'm not looking down on people who want to go to sex parties -- although I bet they're way more vanilla than the press is hinting at.

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Orgía en Finlandés

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