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atmosphere, climate; environment, surroundings; ambience, aura
give an atmosphere, give an ambience; add color; orientate, guide

Atmosphere or Ambience



(n.) = atmosphere ; ambience [ambiance] ; ambient ; ambiance [ambience] ; milieu ; environment.
Ex: Above all, we specified an atmosphere in all public areas appropriate for study without the need for oppressive silence.
Ex: The current ambience is such that we are facing a new crisis in cataloging.
Ex: This article studies monumental wall paintings and mosaics, focusing on the disposition of narratives in relation to their architectural ambients.
Ex: People like to browse the books and magazines, take in the ambiance, and be seen and perceived as a patron of the arts and literature.
Ex: These are the kinds of problems that characteristically arise in the complex and continually changing milieu of libraries and media and information centers.
Ex: This document specifies methods of extending the 7-bit code, remaining in a 7-bit environment or increasing to an 8-bit environment.
* Agencia de Protección del Medio Ambiente (EPA) = Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
* ambiente agradable = congenial atmosphere.
* ambiente cargado = charged atmosphere.
* ambiente hostil = icy wind.
* ambiente tenso = charged atmosphere.
* a temperatura ambiente = at room temperature.
* cambiar de ambiente = change + scenery.
* cambio de ambiente = change of scenery ; change of air and scene ; change of air ; change of scene.
* contaminación del medio ambiente = environmental pollution.
* del medio ambiente = environmental.
* desde el punto de vista del medio ambiente = environmentally.
* especialista en medio ambiente = environmentalist.
* estudio de impacto en el medio ambiente = environmental impact study.
* estudios del medio ambiente = environmental studies.
* gestión del medio ambiente = environmental management.
* medio ambiente marino = marine environment.
* Ministerio del Medio Ambiente = Department of the Environment.
* peligro para el medio ambiente = environmental hazard.
* preocupación por el medio ambiente = environmentalism.
* protección del medio ambiente = environmental protection.
* que no daña el medio ambiente = environmentally sound ; environmentally friendly ; eco-friendly.
* que no perjudica el medio ambiente = environmentally sound ; environmentally friendly ; eco-friendly.
* relacionado con el medio ambiente = environmentally related.
* temperatura ambiente = room temperature ; air temperature.

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