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molestation, harassment; siege
accost, waylay; harass, annoy; besiege, beset


(n.) = harassment ; persecution ; stalking ; bullying ; mobbing.
Ex: Incidents of harassment in libraries today between library employees and patrons or between one patron and another are on the increase.
Ex: This paper discusses the problem of censorship and persecution of publishers by authoritarian regimes.
Ex: States began passing anti stalking legislation in 1990 after a rash of stalking related murders and publicity surrounding the stalking of celebrities = Los estados empezaron a aprobar legislación contra el acecho en 1990 después de una racha de asesinatos relacionados con el acoso y de la publicidad que surgió relacionada con la persecución de famosos.
Ex: The author focuses on the issues of divorce, bullying and homelessness, with reference to books published by Penguin and Puffin.
Ex: Now, however, with nearly 80,000 foreign workers in the country, incidents of racism and discrimination (such as insults and mobbing in schoolyards) occur daily.
* acoso en el trabajo = workplace mobbing.
* acoso físico = physical harassment.
* acoso laboral = workplace mobbing.
* acoso sexual = sexual harassment.
* aguantar el acoso de = run + the gauntlet of.
* pasar por el acoso de = run + the gauntlet of.
* sufrir el acoso de = run + the gauntlet of.
(v.) = plague ; press upon ; bait ; besiege ; harass ; bully ; dog ; persecute ; hound ; nag (at) ; pelt ; pressurise [pressurize, -USA] ; importune ; pester ; nobble ; stalk ; bedevil ; bear down on ; harry ; breathe down + Posesivo + neck ; sledge ; pressure ; chivvy [chivy] ; dun ; badger.
Ex: Title indexes have always been plagued by the absence of terminology control.
Ex: For example, the latter are unlikely to engage themselves in conservation issues as these now press upon the professional consciousness of librarians.
Ex: I guess Ms Lipow should be admired for coming into the lion's den and baiting it, but I find some of her arguments facile and superficial.
Ex: Concurrently, libraries are besieged with greater demands from the academic community for access to and instruction in electronic information resources such as the Internet.
Ex: I have reason to believe that my boss, the head of reference, has been sexually harassing me.
Ex: The director returned to his paperwork, nothing in his heart but hot shame at having permitted himself to be bullied into submission by this disagreeable public official.
Ex: The title of the article is 'Sweeping away the problems that dog the industry?'.
Ex: Why does the ALA ignore, deny or cover up the actions of the only government in the world which persecutes people for the alleged crime of opening uncensored libraries?.
Ex: Jefferson, like Clinton, was hounded by reports of adultery and cowardice in wartime.
Ex: This a book that I had admired but that had nagged at me for years.
Ex: Every day, Internet users are pelted with spam, hoaxes, urban legends, and scams - in other words, untrustworthy data.
Ex: Shearer also made an arse of himself by perpetuating the myth of the noble English sportsman who never dives or pressurises referees.
Ex: He was a shiftless, good-for-nothing man and his shrewish wife was constantly importuning him.
Ex: And there are those whom I have pestered from time to time over the past four years, and who have patiently answered my importunity.
Ex: He was the best striker I ever saw, certainly before the injuries that nobbled him twice.
Ex: So Hutchins arranges her drawings in such a way that as your eye travels leftwards across the page you see the fox who is stalking the hen and trying to catch her.
Ex: The article has the title 'Piracy, crooked printers, inflation bedevil Russian publishing'.
Ex: And here was the war, implacably bearing down on us.
Ex: They stayed there for the winter, and spent the succeeding three summers harrying the coasts of Ireland and Scotland, after which they returned to Norway.
Ex: They have to realize that their kids are grown up and can make their own decisions and don't need their parents breathing down their necks anymore.
Ex: The batsman were sledged beyond words, harassed and were pressured into making mistakes.
Ex: I know she has difficulty talking about their breakup and I didn't want to pressure her or put her in an awkward situation.
Ex: To be fair, she was being chivvied by some atheists over some other comment she had made on a talk show   .
Ex: Someone applied for credit cards in my name and besides being dunned by collection agencies, my credit is ruined.
Ex: My employer is bullying and badgering me and trying to either make me quit or fire me.
* acosar a Alguien con preguntas = pepper + Nombre + with questions.
* espectáculo en el que perros acosan a un oso = bear-baiting.
* problema + acosar = problem + dog.

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