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(n.) = adequacy ; appropriateness ; suitability ; fit ; fitness for purpose ; retrofitting ; fitting.
Ex: A critical abstract normally comments the adequacy of experimentation and survey methodology.
Ex: The quality and appropriateness of the end product of a search depends upon the recognition of these factors.
Ex: The features which contribute to UDC's suitability for detailed indexing are particularly valued in special libraries.
Ex: By comparing this informal communication network with the formal organization chart one can see how close the fit between actuality and theory is.
Ex: Use is better explained as a function of 'fitness for purpose': the extent to which the information resource is of appropriate quality for the situation in which it is to be used.
Ex: This paper describes the recipients of the award, 3 of which won for new buildings, 1 a major renovation and 2 adaptive retrofittings of library structures.
Ex: At a shoe fitting she was told that the vamp was too long and she should switch to a shoe that showed more of her foot.
* falta de adecuación = misfit.
* grado de adecuación = degree of fit.

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