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(v.) = recede ; slacken ; wind + Nombre + down ; remit ; let up ; bring down ; taper off.
Ex: As you gain experience in practical classification this difficulty will recede.
Ex: The trend direct supply of books to schools shows no sign of slackening.
Ex: Not the least of the ironies of this venture is that going ahead with it is as full of hazard as winding it down abruptly.
Ex: The fever was resolved and the skin lesions started to remit during the following 3 weeks.
Ex: We can't let up on that just because these are tough times and he's had a very successful campaign.
Ex: Is it true that rubbing alcohol helps bring down a child's fever?.
Ex: The squalls are expected to taper off later on Sunday.
* aminorar el paso = slow down ; slow up.
* aminorar la marcha = slow up.

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