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help, aid, assistance; donation, charity; enema, fluid injected into the rectum; laxative (Latin America); valet
help, aid, assist; support; befriend; favor; advance



(n.) = aid ; assistance ; guidance ; help ; helpfulness ; support ; relief ; enhancer ; helper ; facilitator ; bursary ; good offices ; jump-start [jumpstart] ; helping hand ; succour [succor, -USA].
Ex: Indexing may be conducted entirely without the aid of a computer, or may rely to varying extents upon the facilities for the manipulation and ordering of data offered by the computer.
Ex: Most information about terms and their relationships that could be of assistance to the user of the index will be transferred from the list to the index or catalogue.
Ex: The command function 'HELP' is used to obtain guidance online when in difficulty.
Ex: The entry is first located with the help of searching.
Ex: Sometimes, in the interest of comprehension or helpfulness, modifications to the standard pattern are desirable.
Ex: BSO was prepared by the International Federation for Documentation with the support of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization), and was published in 1978/79.
Ex: The report concluded that the problems of rural populations 'do not differ greatly from those of the urban population though the difficulties in obtaining help and relief can be exacerbated by isolation'.
Ex: The low regard that many publishers have shown for indexers as enhancers of book sales and profitability may well have been justified in the past.
Ex: Once again careful planning pays dividends, and plenty of time and helpers are needed.
Ex: Information technology may have acted as a catalyst or facilitator for some of the changes which have occurred.
Ex: This article describes a 12 week study tour of the UK undertaken with the help of a bursary from the EU by a lecturer in library studies from Papua New Guinea.
Ex: This enables the library to use the MPEs' good offices and contacts to influence the national government on projects which are important for the area.
Ex: No hospital creates a healthier community all by itself but it can give its neighbors a jump-start.
Ex: Fish hawks needed a helping hand and their comeback is one of the great wildlife success stories of our time.
Ex: The Government has vowed to provide 'all possible succour' to the people affected by the cyclone that has left a trail of death and devastation.
* ayuda a las víctimas de una catástrofe = disaster relief.
* ayuda al desarrollo = development aid.
* ayuda alimentaria = food aid.
* ayuda con la declaración de hacienda = income tax assistance.
* ayuda de asistencia = attendance grant.
* ayuda de asistencia a congreso = conference attendance grant.
* ayuda de cámara = valet.
* ayuda de emergencia = emergency relief.
* ayuda del gobierno = state aid ; state support.
* ayuda doméstica = domestic help.
* ayuda económica = grant ; financial support ; fund assistance ; financial assistance ; grant money ; cash grant ; financial help.
* ayuda educativa = educational aid.
* ayuda en caso de catástrofe = disaster relief.
* ayuda en pantalla = aid page.
* ayuda estatal = state aid ; state support.
* ayuda familiar = family income supplement ; family worker.
* ayuda federal = federal aid.
* ayuda financiera = financial assistance ; fund assistance ; financial help.
* ayuda humanitaria = humanitarian aid ; disaster relief ; humanitarian assistance ; humanitarian relief.
* Ayuda Internacional de Libros (BAI) = Book Aid International (BAI).
* ayuda legal = legal assistance.
* ayuda memoria = aide-mémoire.
* ayuda mutua = mutual help ; mutual aid.
* ayuda para dormir = sleeping aid.
* ayuda para el desplazamiento = travel grant.
* ayuda para la memoria = memory aid.
* ayuda para recordar = memory aid.
* ayudas = monies [money, -sing.].
* ayuda sensible al contexto = context-sensitive help.
* ayuda social = welfare benefits.
* ayudas para la escritura = writing tools.
* ayuda técnica = technical support.
* ayuda visual = visual aid.
* brindar ayuda = help ; provide + assistance ; help out.
* buscar ayuda = seek + assistance ; seek + help ; ask for + assistance ; ask for + help.
* centro de ayuda al empleo = job-help centre.
* con la ayuda de = under the guidance of.
* con + Posesivo + ayuda = under + Posesivo + guidance.
* conseguir ayuda = secure + help.
* dispositivo de ayuda a usuarios con necesidades especiales = assistive device.
* hacerlo sin la ayuda de nadie = do it on + Posesivo + own.
* herramienta de ayuda a la escritura = writing aid.
* herramienta de ayuda a la lectura = reading aid.
* herramientas de ayuda = helper utility.
* herramientas de ayuda para la búsqueda = searching aid.
* instrumento de ayuda a la enseñanza = teaching aid.
* labor de ayuda humanitaria = relief effort.
* material de ayuda = help pack.
* mostrador de ayuda = help desk [helpdesk].
* ofrecer ayuda = offer + guidance ; offer + assistance ; provide + support.
* ojo humano sin ayuda de lente, el = unaided eye, the.
* operativo de ayuda humanitaria = relief effort.
* pantalla de ayuda = help screen.
* pedir ayuda = seek + assistance ; seek + help ; request + Posesivo + help ; ask for + help ; ask for + assistance.
* pedir ayuda a = enlist + the cooperation of.
* política de ayuda = assistance policy.
* prestar ayuda = provide + assistance ; render + assistance ; offer + guidance ; offer + assistance ; lend + a (helping) hand ; help out ; give + Nombre + a (helping) hand.
* proyecto de ayuda = aid project.
* proyecto de ayuda humanitaria = relief project.
* recabar ayuda = solicit + help ; solicit + support.
* ser de ayuda = be of assistance.
* ser de gran ayuda para = be a boon to.
* ser una gran ayuda = be a tower of strength.
* servicio de ayuda = help desk [helpdesk] ; help facility.
* servir de ayuda = be of assistance.
* sin ayuda = unaided ; unassisted.
* sin ayuda de nadie = all by + Reflexivo ; by + Reflexivo.
* sin la ayuda de nadie = single-handedly.
* sistema de ayuda = help system.
* sistema de ayuda a la gestión = management support system (MSS).
* solicitar ayuda = summon + help ; seek + assistance ; seek + help ; request + Posesivo + help ; ask for + help ; ask for + assistance.
* tarea de ayuda humanitaria = relief effort.
* tecla de ayuda = help key.
* teléfono de ayuda = help desk [helpdesk] ; help line ; telephone help line.
(v.) = aid ; encourage ; enlighten ; help ; provide + assistance ; provide + guidance ; tide over ; assist ; jump-start [jumpstart] ; lend + a (helping) hand ; pull + Posesivo + (own) weight ; give + Nombre + a hand ; pull together ; put + Posesivo + shoulder to the wheel ; set + Posesivo + shoulder to the wheel ; muck in ; pitch in ; chip in ; succour [succor, -USA] ; help out ; give + Nombre + a (helping) hand ; do + Nombre + good.
Ex: Although others aided in the compilation of the schedules they were essentially the work of one man.
Ex: A common catalogue encourages users to regard the different information carrying media as part of range of media.
Ex: Librarians often work with students who possess few library skills and teachers whose assignments neither improve these skills nor enlighten the students on their research.
Ex: How can we help library users to gain confidence?.
Ex: Its purpose is to provide advice and on-site salvage assistance to those organisations having documentary resources that are damaged in a natural or man-made disaster.
Ex: There are standards which provide guidance on the construction of thesauri.
Ex: Reading aloud, in these circumstances, might be the only contact the adolescent gets with literature, tiding him over to the time when he is prepared to read for himself again.
Ex: Any project which assists the use of coal and steel would be eligible.
Ex: Jump-start your learning experience by participating in 1 or 2 half-day seminars that will help you come up to speed on the new vocabularies, processes and architectures underlying effective content management.
Ex: In a small shop the master would lend a hand with the work, certainly as a corrector and often as a compositor as well.
Ex: Sometimes one person is left with all the work because their partner doesn't pull their weight.
Ex: These centres help women rebuild lives by giving them a hand up, not a handout.
Ex: She tells a story of courage in which the crew and the mission control pull together to work the problem through.
Ex: They've all been putting their shoulder to the wheel and it's paid off.
Ex: The Bolsheviks have manfully set their shoulders to the wheel undaunted by this staggering catastrophe.
Ex: All our neighbours, relatives, friends, we all mucked in and helped each other -- they were mostly all women because all the men had gone to war.
Ex: It's up to everyone to pitch in and help those who find themselves lacking the most basic of necessities -- food.
Ex: We're asking you to 'chip in' by investing your time and talents in your parks and your community.
Ex: There are tens of thousands of hungry children in the world today and well-meant efforts are being made to succour them.
Ex: Give them a holler and I'm sure they will help out.
Ex: It's a smart move on Jade's part to let Donna give her a helping hand in getting back on her feet.
Ex: It looks good, tastes good and, by golly, it does you good!.
* a quien madruga, Dios le ayuda = the early bird catches the worm.
* ayudar a = play + an instrumental role in.
* ayudar a alcanzar + Posesivo + objetivo = further + Posesivo + goal.
* ayudar a Alguien a recuperarse = help + Nombre + get on + Posesivo + feet.
* ayudar a Alguien a salir adelante = help + Nombre + get on + Posesivo + feet.
* ayudar a atravesar = help + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a bajar = wash + Nombre + down.
* ayudar a comprender mejor = offer + insights ; improve + understanding ; give + an insight into ; glean + insights ; provide + an insight into ; lend + understanding to.
* ayudar a conocer mejor = advance + understanding.
* ayudar a eliminar obstáculos = clear + the path ; clear + the way.
* ayudar a entender mejor = lend + understanding to.
* ayudar a + Infinitivo = go some (of the) way to(wards) + Gerundio.
* ayudar a la causa de = help in + the cause of.
* ayudar a montar = give + Nombre + a leg up.
* ayudar a + Nombre/Infinitivo = assist in + Nombre/Gerundio.
* ayudar a pasar = help + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a pasar por = get + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a recuperarse = get + Nombre + back up and running ; pull + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a reponerse = pull + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a salir de = help + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a salir del apuro = pull + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a salir del bache = pull + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a subir = give + Nombre + a leg up.
* ayudar a superar = get + Nombre + through ; pull + Nombre + through.
* ayudar a volver a la normalidad = get + Nombre + back up and running.
* ayudar bastante a = go + a long way (towards/to/in) + Gerundio.
* ayudar e instigar = aid and abet.
* ayudar mucho = do + Nombre + a lot of good.
* dispuesto a ayudar = willing ; willing to help.
* estar siempre dispuesto a ayudar = be always willing to assist ; be always willing to help out.
* que no ayuda a distinguir = nondistinctive.
* utensilio para ayudar a caminar = walking aid.

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