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beautiful, pretty, fair; handsome, good-looking

beautiful, pretty, nice


(adj.) = fair ; cute ; beautiful ; gorgeous.
Ex: If the analogy with the fairy story is taken a little further it can be noted that no author really believes in dragons, wicked queens, fair maidens locked in high towers and the like.
Ex: Frequently the youngest child takes on the role of the mascot; he acts cute, mischievous, and endearing.
Ex: The store was gutted and rebuilt, according to his specifications, into a beautiful, modern facility, decorated in vibrant hues and furnished with the latest Herman Miller offerings.
Ex: The hotel features 428 newly renovated guest rooms with upscale southwestern décor and private balconies with gorgeous mountain views = El hotel ofrece 428 habitaciones renovadas recientemente con una decoración de lujo al estilo del suroeste del país y balcones con magníficas vistas a las montañas.
* Bella Durmiente, la = Sleeping Beauty.
* bellas artes = fine arts.
* bello sexo, el = fair sex, the ; fairer sex, the.
* enseñanza de bellas artes = aesthetic education.
* La Bella y la Bestia = Beauty and the Beast.

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