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bag, sac; purse; pocket; cavity; stock exchange, stock market; grant, award


handbag, hand-bag

bag , pouch


(n.) = carryall ; bag ; soft bag ; pouch ; sac.
Ex: The book 'String Bags and Gender' is a thorough, informative, accessible, and well-written study of the looped carryall common in Papua New Guinea.
Ex: There was a steady flow of people charging out materials, and the checker was inspecting their bags as usual.
Ex: The soft bag also features a handy zipper compartment on the top for storing keys, cell phone, etc.
Ex: When using the belt loop, the pouch can be removed without taking off your belt.
Ex: The protuberance could be one of two things, a pus/bacteria filled sac that has lodged itself internally or a small tumor.
* artículo de bolsa de aseo = toiletry.
* bolsa de agua caliente = hot water bottle.
* bolsa de aire = air bag [airbag].
* bolsa de aire caliente = pocket of warm air.
* bolsa de aseo = sponge bag ; toiletry bag.
* bolsa de baño = toiletry bag ; sponge bag.
* bolsa de basura = bin liner ; bin bag ; rubbish bag ; garbage bag.
* bolsa de comida = box lunch.
* bolsa de control de préstamo = book pocket.
* bolsa de estudios = bursary.
* bolsa de la compra = shopping bag ; grocery bag ; carrier bag ; carrier bag.
* bolsa de mano = flight bag ; carryall bag ; travelbag ; soft bag.
* bolsa de papel = paper carrier ; paper bag.
* bolsa de plástico = plastic bag ; polybag ; polyethylene bag.
* bolsa de viaje = travel grant ; travel bursary ; travelbag.
* bolsa para cadáveres = body bag.
* bolsa para el mareo = travel-sick bag.
* bolsa para la compra = shopping bag ; carrier bag ; carrier bag.
* bolsa para vómitos = vomit bag.
* guardar en una bolsa = pouch.
* meter en bolsas = bag.
* meter en una bolsa = pouch.
* patata frita de bolsa = potato chip.
* patatas fritas de bolsa = crisps ; potato crisps.
(n.) = stock exchange ; stock market ; bourse ; share market.
Ex: This article reviews the Moody's 5000 Plus data base, of over 5000 companies listed on the New York and American stock exchanges, on CD-ROM.
Ex: This database supplies on-line information on current events, weather, sports, stock markets, health, travel and shopping.
Ex: The Old bourse was completed in 1687 and was the first Baroque building in Leipzig.
Ex: Due to the devastating drop in stock prices and a slump in the share market, share market traders predict a sharp drop in the sale of gold.
* agencia de bolsa = brokerage house.
* agente de bolsa = stockbroker ; market trader ; stock market trader ; share market trader.
* beneficio de bolsa = share dividend.
* bolsa de cambio = stock exchange.
* Bolsa de París = Paris Bourse.
* bolsa de trabajo = labour exchange ; job opportunities ; employment bureau ; employment centre ; employment opportunity ; job centre ; job pool.
* bolsa de valores = stock exchange ; stock market ; share market.
* Bolsa de Valores de Nueva York = New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).
* caída de la bolsa = market crash ; stock market crash.
* cotización de bolsa = stock quote.
* desploma de la bolsa = stock market crash.
* desplome de la bolsa = market crash.
* operador de bolsa = trader ; market trader ; stock market trader ; share market trader.
* servidor de bolsa = stock-quote server.
* valores de la bolsa = stock prices ; stock market quotations.

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