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commerce, trade; business; traffic; intercourse
trade, deal, merchandise; traffic

business, commerce, trade



(v.) = trade.
Ex: Stopping a few miles north of where the Lewark meets the great Modoc River in what is now called the American midwest, they constructed a humble cabin and began trading with river men and friendly Indians.
* comerciar con = deal in.
(n.) = shop ; store ; retailer ; commercial outlet ; parlour [parlor, -USA] ; retail seller.
Ex: In strong contrast to, say, television sets and instant coffee, where the consumer may save by shopping around, there is no advantage to be gained by going to one shop rather than another for a book so far as price is concerned.
Ex: The cheapest of these machines costs under $100 and they can be bought in stores, supermarkets and by mail-order.
Ex: Nowadays there is a clear three-part division of the book trade into publishers, wholesalers, printers, and retailers, but in the hand-press period the functions of book traders overlapped to a much greater extent.
Ex: People do not come to the public library for alternative material to the high street commercial outlet.
Ex: This article focuses especially on cultural practices that encourage reading in social settings, including the school, Sunday school, public library, and domestic parlour.
Ex: Any retail seller which permits consumers to lay away consumer goods will provide a written statement of the terms and conditions of the agreement = Cualquier comercio que permita a los consumidores comprar a plazos apartando los productos les proporcionará un documento escrito de las condiciones del acuerdo.
* cadena de comercios = retail chain.
* cajero de comercio = checkout cashier.
* comercio electrónico = electronic business (e-business).
* pequeño comercio = retail seller.
(n.) = business [businesses, -pl.] ; commerce ; trade ; trading ; merchandising ; trafficking ; traffic.
Ex: The treatise arose from Kaiser's work in indexing information relating to business and industry.
Ex: Non-bibliographic data bases are particularly used for businesses and industry to extract information in the fields of business, economics, trade and commerce.
Ex: Non-bibliographic data bases are particularly used for businesses and industry to extract information in the fields of business, economics, trade and commerce.
Ex: The detailed analysis of the figures of turnover for 1979 give only a cross-sectional analysis of one year's trading.
Ex: Another main trend emerging is merchandising, where the public library is set up in a similar way to a retail store with items on sale.
Ex: The author calls for state and federal laws to make the trafficking in fraudulently obtained subscriber IDs and Passwords.
Ex: She wrote for the daily press on the manners and morals of society, on the plight of London's working women and children, and on the international traffic in women.
* Acuerdo General sobre Aranceles y Comercio (GATT) = General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).
* balanza de comercio = balance of trade.
* cámara de comercio = chamber of commerce.
* comercio agrícola = agribusiness.
* comercio de armas = arms trade.
* comercio de drogas = drug trade.
* comercio de esclavos = slave trade.
* comercio de la madera = lumbering.
* comercio de la música = music trade.
* comercio del libro = bookselling [book selling] ; book trade [booktrade].
* comercio del libro, el = book business, the.
* comercio de pieles = fur trade.
* comercio electrónico = electronic commerce (e-commerce) ; online business.
* comercio en línea = online business.
* comercio exterior = foreign trade.
* comercio internacional = world trade ; international trade ; international business.
* comercio justo = fair trade.
* comercio sexual = sex trade.
* Comisión Federal de Comercio = Federal Trade Commission.
* Denominación de Productos para las Estadísticas del Comercio Externo de la = Nomenclature of Goods for the External Trade Statistics of the Community and Statistics of Trade between Member States (NIMEXE).
* directivo del comercio minorista = retail executive.
* EFTA, la (Asociación Europea para el Libre Comercio) = EFTA (European Free Trade Association).
* libre comercio = free trade ; free movement of goods.
* Ministerio de Comercio = Department of Trade.
* Ministerio de Comercio e Industria = Department of Trade and Industry.
* mundo del comercio del libro = book-trade life.
* Oficina para el Mejor Comercio = Better Business Bureau.
* Organización Mundial para el Comercio = World Trade Organization (WTO).
* paso del comercio = flow of commerce.
* tratado de libre comercio = free trade agreement (FTA).

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