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competent, capable, fit, suitably skilled, well qualified


(adj.) = competent ; proficient ; qualified ; able ; decent.
Ex: Those responsible in libraries must ensure that the users are given competent advice.
Ex: However, it should be stated at the outset that it is not the aim of this course to make you proficient in the use of the Colon Classification as a practical indexing language.
Ex: The projections of qualified manpower into the year 2000 are bleak for personnel based industries.
Ex: Then there are those children made to think themselves failures because of the hammer-blow terms like dull, backward, retarded, underprivileged, disadvantaged, handicapped, less able, slow, rejected, remedial, reluctant, disturbed.
Ex: At present, the Internet's international expansion is hampered by the lack of a good supporting infrastructure, namely a decent telephone system.
* autoridad competente, la = competent authority, the.
* persona competente = a good sport.
* ser una persona competente = be a good sport.
* ser un tío competente = be a good sport.
* tío competente = a good sport.

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