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advice, counsel; hint, tip; admonition; council, committee

advice, counsel


(n.) = word of caution ; prescription ; advice ; word of advice.
Ex: Finally a word of caution: do not expect too much.
Ex: Granted, standard is an ambiguous term, because it can mean either quality or simply prescription.
Ex: A large part of the work of information and advice has been the interpretation of people's eligibility for welfare benefits and other social services.
Ex: Some enquiries are of a different kind and need a response accompanied by a word of advice about consulting a qualified practitioner.
* buscar consejo = ask for + advice.
* consejo práctico = hint ; pointer ; tip ; practical tip.
* consejos prácticos = how-to ; hints and tips.
* consejos sabios = pearls of wisdom ; nuggets of truth ; nuggets of wisdom.
* dar consejo sobre = give + advice (on).
* dar un consejo = give + Nombre + a piece of advice.
* el consejo de otra persona = a second opinion.
* impartir consejos = mete out + advice.
* ofrecer consejos prácticos = offer + hints and advice.
* pedir consejo = ask for + advice.
* prestar atención a + Posesivo + consejo = heed + Posesivo + advice.
* seguir + Posesivo + consejo = take + Posesivo + advice ; heed + Posesivo + advice.
(n.) = council ; counsel.
Ex: He completed a major study funded by a council on Library Resources grant, the results of which have been published in 'Automated Alternatives to Card Catalogs for Large Libraries' in the Journal of Library Automation.
Ex: Of course, this is on the outer fringes of reference work as such, but librarians should at least be aware that people frequently find counsel and support and encouragement more effective than the supply of specific information to help solve their problems.
* consejero del consejo privado = privy councillor.
* consejo asesor = board of trustees ; trustee board.
* Consejo Británico (BC) = British Council (BC).
* consejo de administración = board of trustees ; trustees ; directorate ; trust ; trustee board ; board of directors.
* consejo de administración de la biblioteca = library trustees.
* consejo de guerra = courts-martial ; court martial.
* Consejo de la IFLA = IFLA's Council.
* Consejo de los Servicios Bibliotecarios y Documentales (LISC) = Library and Information Services Council (LISC).
* Consejo de Ministros = Council of Ministers.
* Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones Unidas = United Nations Security Council.
* Consejo de Seguridad, el = Security Council, the.
* consejo editorial = editorial board ; editorial team ; board of editors ; editorial advisory board.
* Consejo Internacional de Archivos (CIA) = International Council on Archives (ICA).
* Consejo Internacional de Museos (ICOM) = International Council of Museums (ICOM).
* Consejo Internacional de Museos y Lugares de Interés (ICOMS) = International Council of Museums and Sites (ICOMOS).
* consejo juvenil asesor = teen advisory council ; teen advisory board ; young adult advisory board ; young adult advisory council.
* Consejo Nacional de Profesores de Inglés = National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).
* Consejo para los Niños Excepcionales (CEC) = Council for Exceptional Children (CEC).
* Consejo sobre Recursos Bibliotecarios y Documentales (CLIR) = Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR).
* Consejo sobre Recursos Bibliotecarios (CLR) = CLR (Council on Library Resources).
* consejo social = trustees ; trust ; trustee board.
* juzgar en consejo de guerra = court-martial.
* miembro del consejo de administración = trustee.
* reunión del consejo = council meeting ; council conference.
* sesión del consejo = council meeting ; council conference.

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