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accountant, bookkeeper

(n.) = paymaster ; accountant ; bookkeeper ; financial accountant.
Ex: Many of the public sector SLIS complained, in varying measures, of the inhibiting nature of accounting methods used by their paymasters.
Ex: Any member of the library staff with a minimum of a 1 year service can become a team member with the exception of the library director, assistant director and chief accountant.
Ex: This department is headed by a general office manager who has a staff of bookkeepers, billing clerks, comptrollers, and secretaries.
Ex: Salaries for financial accountants tend to vary greatly.
* contable de pacotilla = bean counter.
* sitema contable = accounting system.
(adj.) = countable.
Ex: A set is countable if you can count its elements.
* no contable = uncountable.
* nombre contable = countable noun.
* nombre no contable = uncountable noun ; mass noun.

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