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square, quadrate; chequered
square, quadrate
square, quadrate; tally; assort
square, make square; multiply a number by itself (Mathematics)



(adj.) = square ; square-shaped.
Ex: A square building with low velocity air conditioning would consume less energy than a rectangular building with no artificial ventilation.
Ex: Pizza pies typically have round configuration, although square- and rectangular-shaped pizzas have had some recent acceptance.
* al chi cuadrado = chi-squared.
* chi cuadrado = chi-square.
* chorradas al cuadrado = nonsense on stilts.
* dar forma cuadrada = square.
* en forma de cuadrado = square-shaped.
* estupideces al cuadrado = nonsense on stilts.
* ley de relación exponencial inversa al cuadrado = inverse square law.
* más o menos cuadrado = squarish.
* metro cuadrado (m²) = square metre (sq. m.).
* milímetro cuadrado = millimeter square.
* milla cuadrada = square mile.
* pie cuadrado = square foot (sq. ft.).
* raíz cuadrada = square root.
* test chi cuadrado = chi square test.
* tonterías al cuadrado = nonsense on stilts.
(v.) = tally ; be square to ; fall + square on.
Ex: The statistic programs have been designed to make it possible to extract, tally, and print statistical information from the journal.
Ex: Each matrix was carefully trimmed so that the bottom of the impression of the punch was square to the sides and bottom of the block.
Ex: The pressman's first task with a new book was to make register, which meant laying on the first forme relative to the bed of the press and the press points so that, when the paper was printed on one side, turned over, and replaced on the points, the pages of the second forme would fall square on the backs of those of the first.
* cuadrar con = tie in (with) ; jibe with ; mesh with ; fit with.
* cuadrar el círculo = square + the circle.
* cuadrar el registro = make + register.
* cuadrar la caja = tally up + sales ; cash up + the till ; balance + the till.
* cuadrar números = add up + figures.
* cuadrarse = stand to + attention ; spring to + attention ; square + Posesivo + shoulders ; stand at + attention ; jump to + attention.
* hacer cuadrar (con) = reconcile (with).
* hacer cuadrar las cosas = put + things together.
* hacer cuadrar las cuentas = reconcile + receipts.
* hacer cuadras las facturas = reconcile + receipts.
* hacer juegos malabares para que cuadre Algo = juggle.
* hacer malabarismos para que cuadre Algo = juggle.
* que no cuadra = unreconciled.

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