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cultivate, prepare the ground for planting, grow crops; develop


(v.) = cultivate ; grow ; till ; grow + Plantas ; grow + crops.
Ex: Such familiarity can be cultivated with experience, and will consider the following features of data bases.
Ex: Thus, for example, various books on growing different flowers should be close to one another when arranged on shelves in accordance with the classification scheme.
Ex: Chapter 5 will focus on staffing issues and opportunities -- the roots and substance of a properly tilled organizational garden.
Ex: Sugar beet is grown in a variety of locations and under a variety of agronomic conditions within the UK.
Ex: Even in mathematics the examples are all practical, rooted in the garden behind the school where the children grow crops.
* cultivar la tierra = farm + the land ; grow + crops ; cultivate + the land.
* cultivar los hábitos de lectura = cultivate + reading habits.
* cultivar plantaciones = grow + crops.
* cultivar productos frescos = grow + fresh produce.
* cultivarse = grow.
* cultivar un don = cultivate + gift.
* sin cultivar = uncultivated.
* tierra sin cultivar = uncultivated land.
* zona sin cultivar = wildland.
(n.) = cultivar.
Nota: Variedad de planta obtenida de una especie natural.
Ex: In this fully updated work, nearly 500 species and cultivars of the crowning jewels of water gardens, the water lilies and lotuses, are described.
(v.) = grow.
Ex: No true reader can be expected to grow on a diet of prescribed texts only regardless of how well chosen they are.

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