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discount, deduction; rebate
discount, rebate; deduct; abate; knock off


abatement, discount, rebate

(v.) = discount ; make + deduction ; deduct ; dock ; top-slice.
Ex: It is unusual that the agent's price, although discounted, is lower than the publisher's.
Ex: A single bill was made out, and each man took an equal share of the payment, regardless of how many pages he had set; deductions were made only for failings such as unpunctuality.
Ex: The price of the demonstration disk is relatively modest and is normally deducted from the full purchase price.
Ex: Dundee have been docked four points as a result of going into administration.
Ex: This week thousands of us worked together to persuade the government not to top-slice the licence fee from the BBC funding.
(n.) = discount ; deduction ; rebate ; trade-in allowance ; discount ticket ; reduced rate ; special rate ; reduced fee ; discounted price ; discount price ; marked-down price ; mark-down.
Nota: Generalmente referido a los precios.
Ex: The price, discount, and postage information is used to update the fund and vendor files and to pay the invoice.
Ex: Each man took an equal share of the payment, regardless of how many pages he had set; deductions were made only for failings such as unpunctuality.
Ex: The amount of rebate is three percentage points per year for the first five years of the loan.
Ex: The company also offers a flat $50 trade-in allowance on major encyclopedias from other publishers.
Ex: All employees can access the intranet where they can find information on the company fitness centre, employee anniversaries, and discount tickets to local attractions.
Ex: Subscription price is 55 pounds (103 dollars) with reduced rates for members of the Institute of Information Scientists.
Ex: Availability is by means of a monthly subscription of 34.95 dollars with special rates for doctors' groups.
Ex: We have exetended the registration deadline for reduced fee of 300 EUR instead of 350 EUR until April, 17th.
Ex: In fact, the discounted prices for large consortia are meaningless; probably not a single buyer has actually paid the undiscounted price.
Ex: After February 24, the discount price is $495 and $595 until the day before the event, a savings of up to $900 off onsite registration.
Ex: Instead of keeping such items in our warehouse collecting dust, we are placing them here for a clearance sale at significantly marked-down prices.
Ex: Customers will be charged either a mark-up or a mark-down, depending on whether they are buying or selling.
* con descuento = at a discount ; discounted ; cut-price ; cut-rate ; concessionary.
* descuento por cantidad = discount quantity price.
* descuento por compra al por mayor = bulk deal ; bulk rate ; bulk rate discount.
* descuento por inscripción anticipada = early registration.
* descuento por inscripción anticipada = early bird registration ; early bird price ; early bird price ; early-bird discount ; early bird rate ; early bird registration rate.
* descuento por reserva anticipada = early booking discount.
* descuento por ser estudiante = student rate.
* descuento por volumen = discount quantity price.
* hacer descuento = discount.
* hacer un descuento = give + discount.
* ofrecer un descuento = offer + a discount.
* período de descuento por inscripción anticipada = early bird period.
* precio con descuento = discounted price ; discount price.
* sin descuento = undiscounted.
* vale de descuento = coupon.
(n.) = injury time.
Ex: Flanker was the hero who scored the try that brought Australia to within a point of the lead into injury time at the end of the match.

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