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retail, pertaining to the sale of goods to final consumers, of the sale of merchandise to end users
retailer, person or business that sells goods to to final consumers, person or company that sells merchandise to end users


(n.) = retailer ; retail ; downstream ; retail seller.
Ex: Nowadays there is a clear three-part division of the book trade into publishers, wholesalers, printers, and retailers, but in the hand-press period the functions of book traders overlapped to a much greater extent.
Ex: Dunkin' Donuts of America, Inc., the world's largest retail coffee and doughnut shop chain, uses the Informark system supplied by NDS a software package containing a demographic file of data from the 1980 USA Census and other commercial data bases.
Ex: The exchange of trading information on a regular basis influences the balance company bargaining power between upstream and downstream companies in grocery marketing.
Ex: Any retail seller which permits consumers to lay away consumer goods will provide a written statement of the terms and conditions of the agreement = Cualquier comercio que permita a los consumidores comprar a plazos apartando los productos les proporcionará un documento escrito de las condiciones del acuerdo.
(adj.) = stickler for detail(s) ; scrupulous ; attention to detail ; finicky .
Ex: A stickler for details, sometimes to the point of compulsion, Edmonds was deemed a fortuitous choice to head the monumental reorganization process.
Ex: Happily the rules of quasi-facsimile are easily mastered; what is difficult is to observe them with scrupulous, undeviating accuracy.
Ex: He believes his success will be determined by 'personal attention, being on the ball, attention to detail and consistency of service'.
Ex: After all, even a healthy cat can become finicky when offered an unfamiliar meal.

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