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picture; design; sketch; drawing; pattern
draw; design; sketch



drawing he/she drew

(n.) = drawing ; pattern.
Ex: Forms of symbol used for presentation are: 1 language, eg Arabic; 2 mathematical, eg. graphs, formulae; 3 pictorial, eg drawings.
Ex: The pattern of the laid mould is described by giving the spacing in millimetres of the chain-lines and wire-lines in the vicinity of the watermark.
* colección de dibujos = drawing collection.
* dibujo a lápiz = pencil drawing.
* dibujo a pluma = pen drawing ; pen drawing ; pen drawing.
* dibujo a tinta = ink drawing.
* dibujo de la malla = wire pattern.
* dibujo libre = free-hand drawing.
* dibujo lineal = line drawing.
* dibujo panorámico = panoramic drawing.
* dibujos animados = animated cartoons.
* dibujos animados japoneses = Anime.
* dibujo técnico = architectural rendering ; engineering drawing ; technical drawing ; architectural drawing.
* libro táctil de dibujos = tactile picture book.
* mesa de dibujo = drawing table ; art-room table ; art-room drawing table ; drawing board.
* película de dibujos animados = cartoon film ; animated feature ; animated film.
(v.) = trace ; plot ; pattern ; chart ; draw ; draw out.
Ex: Cleo Passantino produced a long sheet of graph paper with a sawtooth squiggle traced down the center of it.
Ex: The technique 'Trend Projection' graphically plots future trends based on past experience.
Ex: Soon he found himself fronting a door, on which were elaborately patterned the words 'Newspaper Room'.
Ex: This article describes how Australia was depicted on early maps of the world charted by the Portuguese and Dutch seafarers from 1452 to the present day.
Ex: At every instant the darkness of the line being drawn is made equal to the darkness of the point on the picture being observed by the photocell.
Ex: Here are the two sites where I originally found out about drawing out the routes on Google Maps.
* dibujar deprisa = dash off.
* dibujarse = shadow.
* dibujar una línea = draw + a line.
* juego de dibujar = drawing game.

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