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directory, guidebook; library, subdivision of a disk in which files are stored (Computers)

(n.) = directory ; file store ; subject tree ; subject directory.
Ex: Martindale is a large directory of drugs produced by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.
Ex: It can interconnect text processors, personal computers and terminals to high-quality printers, computer-based file stores, facsimile machines, digital voice, video and other electronic office equipment.
Ex: With a heightened awareness of the need for better retrieval mechanisms for government resources, the ISL embarked on the ambitious initiative to implement a nationally accepted subject tree for maximizing access to state government information.
Ex: The quantitative analysis concentrates on the content of this virtual library through examining the subject directories of more than 100 of its search engines.
* consultas al directorio = directory assistance.
* del estilo de los directorios = directory-type.
* directorio accesible por su contenido (cafs) = content-addressable file store (cafs).
* directorio cgi = cgi-bin.
* directorio comercial = trade directory ; traders' list ; traders' catalogue.
* directorio comercial por calles = street directory.
* directorio de empresas en base de datos = corporate directory database ; company directory database.
* directorio de Internet = Web directory.
* directorio del disco = diskette directory.
* directorio de prensa = press directory.
* directorio de publicaciones periódicas = serials directory.
* directorio de un registro automatizado = directory.
* directorio en base de datos = directory database.
* directorio telefónico = telephone book.
* directorio web = Web directory.
* mapa del directorio = directory map.
* número de teléfono que no está incluido en el directorio telefónico = unlisted telephone number.
* servicio de directorios = directory service.
* tablón directorio = direction board.

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