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attempt, assay, try; test, trial; practice; rehearsal; runthrough; touchdown
test, assay, try; essay, attempt; rehearse


attempt, essay, trial


assay , essay

rehearsal it rehearsed

(v.) = rehearse ; practise [practice, -USA] ; assay.
Ex: However, it seems worth rehearsing some of the arguments again here in this particular context and identifying specifically how these problems are negotiated in a data base using natural language indexing.
Ex: Analytical cataloguing is practised to varying extents in libraries.
Ex: An important step is to develop tools to assay the developmental roles of the identified genes.
(n.) = essay ; student paper.
Nota: Tema asignado al alumno por el profesor sobre el cual tendrá que presentar un trabajo escrito.
Ex: In a journal most formal items including articles, essays, discussions and reviews can be expected to be accompanied by an abstract.
Ex: 5 data collection instruments were used: printouts of data base searches executed by students; a questionnaire; bibliographies from student papers; serial holdings of the university library; and interviews with instructors.
(n.) = assaying ; rehearsal ; pre-enactment ; modelling exercise ; run-through ; assay.
Ex: Suppose you have classified, by UDC, the document 'Select methods of metallurgical assaying', class number 669.9.
Ex: For a storyteller preparation is like rehearsal for an orchestra; there will be passages that need emphasis, and some that need a slow pace, others that need a quickened tempo, and so on = La preparación de un narrador de cuentos es como el ensayo de una orquesta; habrá pasajes que necesiten énfasis, otros un ritmo lento, otros un ritmo acelerado, etcétera.
Ex: And literature is part of that essential human behavior; it engages us in pre-enactments and re-enactments.
Ex: The modelling exercise would indicate which model was most economic and which was most cost-effective.
Ex: This article will provide a brief run-through of some strategies for giving staff and users what they need and expect.
Ex: Thus, an assay may be done for example to determine the level of thyroid hormones in the blood of a person suspected of being hypothyroid (or hyperthyroid).
* aprender por el método de ensayo y error = learn by + trial and error.
* ensayo clínico = clinical trial ; clinical test.
* ensayo controlado = controlled trial.
* ensayo doble ciego = double-blind research study.
* ensayo general = dress rehearsal.
* ensayo nuclear = nuclear weapons testing.
* ensayo piloto = pilot trial.
* globo de ensayo = trial balloon.
* por el método de ensayo y error = by trial and error ; trial and error.
(n.) = try.
Nota: Usado generalmente en rugby.
Ex: The explosive Cameron Shepherd then brought the Wallabies to within a point of France with the team's second try five minutes later.
* marcar un ensayo = score + a try.

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