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(n.) = arena ; atmosphere ; environment ; scene ; setting ; surroundings ; milieu ; compass ; compass ; set and setting ; landscape ; habitat ; environs ; climate ; ambient ; ambiance [ambience] ; ambience [ambiance] ; environ.
Ex: This shifts the responsibility for headings and their arrangement into the arena of cataloguers and indexers.
Ex: Above all, we specified an atmosphere in all public areas appropriate for study without the need for oppressive silence.
Ex: This document specifies methods of extending the 7-bit code, remaining in a 7-bit environment or increasing to an 8-bit environment.
Ex: A recent inexpensive introduction to the microcomputer scene, the Sinclair QL, uses a 32 bit processor (the Motorola 680008) and offers 128K RAM expandable to 640K.
Ex: Over 700 CRT terminals are online to Columbus and are used in a variety of ways to improve service in the local library settings.
Ex: Work in a duly ordered community should be made attractive by the consciousness of usefulness, by variety, and by being exercised amidst pleasurable surroundings.
Ex: These are the kinds of problems that characteristically arise in the complex and continually changing milieu of libraries and media and information centers.
Ex: All truth is contained in the compass of your mind.
Ex: All truth is contained in the compass of your mind.
Ex: For me a picture of myself in a dentist's waiting room is a perfect metaphor for set and setting very much in play against the easily obtained pleasures I usually get from reading.
Ex: During the post-war period international organizations have become a prominent feature of the international landscape.
Ex: The academic library is the natural habitat of the absent-minded professor.
Ex: This database contains 500 photographs, drawings, engravings and watercolours of the 16th century Sutton House and its environs.
Ex: The article 'Keeping your ear to the ground' discusses the skills and knowledge information professionals need to have in today's IT-rich climate.
Ex: This article studies monumental wall paintings and mosaics, focusing on the disposition of narratives in relation to their architectural ambients.
Ex: People like to browse the books and magazines, take in the ambiance, and be seen and perceived as a patron of the arts and literature.
Ex: The current ambience is such that we are facing a new crisis in cataloging.
Ex: For example, the games themselves can act as a tool to educate social science students how to access and interact with unknown cultures within a safe environ.
* adaptarse al entorno = adjust to + environment.
* cambiar de entorno = change + scenery.
* cambio de entorno = change of scenery ; change of air and scene ; change of air ; change of scene.
* crear un entorno = create + an environment.
* del entorno = ambient ; environmental.
* en el entorno de = in the realm of.
* en + Posesivo + entorno = in + Posesivo + midst.
* entorno de redes = network environment ; online environment.
* entorno de trabajo = working environment ; work environment.
* entorno electrónico distribuido = distributed environment.
* entorno familiar = home environment.
* entorno físico = atmospherics.
* entorno laboral = workplace ; work environment ; work setting ; job setting ; job environment ; working environment.
* entorno natural = natural habitat ; natural setting.
* entorno natural, el = natural environment, the.
* entorno operativo = operating environment.
* entorno OSI = OSI environment.
* entorno urbanístico = built environment.
* entorno urbano = built environment.
* perjudicial para el entorno = environmentally-damaging.
* por estos entornos = hereabout(s).
* relativo a la navegación por un entorno gráfico = navigational.
* vida en el entorno familiar = family life.

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