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principle; heading
enunciate, declare; set forth
enunciate, announce


(n.) = statement ; pronouncement ; enunciation.
Ex: Statements conveying preferential relationships between terms indicate which terms are to be treated as equivalent to one another.
Ex: However I have pointed out what seem to me to be the more important of the relevant rules and I have tried to summarize their main pronouncements without misrepresentation, despite the unavoidable simplification.
Ex: The trend is towards the enunciation of normative principles which can act as a guide to the framers of the catalogue code.
* construir un enunciado de búsqueda = state + search topic.
* cumplir un enunciado lógico de búsqueda = satisfy + logic statement.
* enunciado de búsqueda = search prescription ; search statement ; search query ; query statement.
* enunciado de búsqueda de documentos multimedia = multimedia query.
* enunciado de búsqueda en texto libre = free-text search statement.
* enunciado de los hechos = statement of fact.
* enunciado del problema = problem statement.
* obtener el enunciado del problema = elicit + a problem statement.
(v.) = enunciate.
Ex: The philosophy of these critics was enunciated by one of their most prominent spokesmen, the famous Thomas Carlyle.

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