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slave, thrall, bondsman



(n.) = slave ; drudge ; thrall.
Ex: And there is more to be gained from an imaginary nineteenth-century boy floating down the Mississippi on a raft with a fleeing black slave than a good deal of everyday, 'direct' experience can give.
Ex: People who called themselves 'climatologists' were mostly drudges who compiled statistics about weather conditions in regions of interest.
Ex: As thralls are considered the property of their lord, crimes committed by thralls must be compensated by their owner just like damage caused by animals.
* comercio de esclavos = slave trade.
* dar libertad a un esclavo = manumit.
* emancipar a un esclavo = manumit.
* esclavo del trabajo = workaholic.
* esclavo fugitivo = maroon.
* ser esclavo de = be slave to ; be in the thrall(s) of.
* ser esclavo de la rutina = be (stuck) in a rut ; be stuck in a groove.
* taller de trabajo esclavo = sweatshop.
* trabajar como un esclavo = work like + a slave ; slave.
* trata de esclavos = slave trade.
* vender a Alguien como esclavo = sell + Nombre + into slavery.

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