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write; spell


to write

(v.) = put down ; set down ; spell ; tap out ; transcribe ; type ; write ; write down ; write up ; pen ; put + pen to paper ; set + pen to paper ; register in ; drop + a line ; script ; take down ; bang out.
Nota: Generalmente de forma rápida.
Ex: Any individual might engage in different information managament activities aimed at putting down new information through writing, glossing, assembling or extracting, and so forth.
Ex: Set the components down as an ordered string of symbols, according to the filing value of the role operator.
Ex: For instance: rhyme is still RIME; gypsy is spelled G-I-P -- most of us are instructed to spell it 'g-y-p'.
Ex: When the user is building a trail, he names it, inserts the name in his code book, and taps it out on his keyboard.
Ex: With a limited number of exceptions the title proper is transcribed exactly as to order, wording and spelling.
Ex: To start Bibliofile just type 'bib' at the DOS prompt as shown below, then press <Enter>.
Ex: A paraphrase is an interpretation of the concepts featured in a document, written in the language of the writer of the paraphrase.
Ex: On other occasions, where the search must be specified with a number of interacting concepts and other parameters, it will be necessary to write the concepts down.
Ex: Statistical research into ILL is valuable but can cause problems unless written up well for a more general audience.
Ex: His career in composition produced some of the most idiomatic and popular short violin pieces ever penned.
Ex: Some writers of fiction write because they cannot do otherwise they have an almost uncontrollable urge to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard.
Ex: Once pen was set to paper, the graphic record superseded the need to retain large amounts of information within human memory.
Ex: Authors must register in their own name and not a pseudonym or maiden name under which the book may be written.
Ex: The article 'E-mail: turn on, tune in, drop a line...' gives a brief outline of the commands used on the electronic mail system Data-Mail.
Ex: The program was designed and scripted using the Apple Macintosh computer with HyperCard software.
Ex: All technical processes that take place before, during and directly after the flight are taken down automatically by the flight recorder in the cockpit.
Ex: Young people don't talk, they bang out text messages.
* arte de escribir = penmanship.
* arte y técnica de escribir obras de teatro = playwriting.
* brazo de silla para escribir = writing board arm.
* capacidad de saber leer y escribir = literacy skills.
* cometer un error al escribir a máquina = mistype.
* cometer un error ortográfico al escribir a máquina = mistype.
* en el momento de escribir estas líneas = at the time of writing.
* escribir a mano = handletter.
* escribir a máquina = type ; type in.
* escribir como negro = ghost ; ghosting.
* escribir con sentido = write + sense.
* escribir con tiza = chalk.
* escribir en coautoría = co-author [coauthor].
* escribir en colaboración = co-write [cowrite].
* escribir mal = misspell.
* escribir mal a máquina = mistype.
* escribir mucho sobre Algo = a lot + be written about ; much + be written about.
* escribir páginas y páginas = write + screeds (and screeds) ; write + reams (and reams).
* escribir rápidamente = dash off.
* escribir sobre = write about.
* escribir una pila de = write + reams (and reams).
* escribir un artículo = write + a paper ; write + piece.
* escribir un montón de = write + reams (and reams).
* escribir un trabajo = write + essay.
* escribir volúmenes y volúmenes = write + screeds (and screeds) ; write + reams (and reams).
* forma de escribir = writing style.
* máquina de escribir = typewriter.
* máquina de escribir de margarita = daisy-wheel typewriter.
* máquina de escribir de pelota de golf = golf-ball typewriter.
* máquina de escribir eléctrica = electric typewriter ; electronic typewriter.
* máquina de escribir libros = book-writing machine.
* papel de escribir = writing paper.
* para escribir con mayúsculas = in a shifted position.
* posicionado para escribir con mayúsculas = unshifted.
* saber leer y escribir = be literate.
* sala de escribir = scriptorium [scriptoria, -pl.].
* sobreescribir = type over.
* tecla para escribir en mayúsculas = SHIFT key.
* volver a escribir = retype [re-type] ; rewrite [re-write].

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