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specialized, proficient in a particular field, skilled in a certain area; having a focus on a certain subject
specialist, expert; stuntman, stuntwoman



(adj.) = skilled ; specialist ; stunt man [stunt men, -pl.] ; guru ; specialty.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: When used by skilled abstractors this mixture of styles can achieve the maximum transmission of information, within a minimum length.
Ex: Abstracts and indexes organize the literature so that a specialist can identify documents of interest more easily.
Ex: These descriptors are still alive: boatmen, city council-men, firemen, foremen, longshoremen, stunt men, statesmen, watchmen, man and manpower.
Ex: Many readers will need to consult a network guru in order to find out about access through a network connection.
Ex: Strategies that may be employed by law firms for using medical data bases to locate potential expert witnesses or out-of-court specialty consultants are illustrated.
* base de datos de referencia a especialistas = referral database.
* comunicación entre especialistas = scholarly communication ; scholarly discourse.
* consultar con otro especialista = get + a second opinion.
* conversación entre especialistas = scholarly discourse.
* diálogo entre especialistas = scholarly communication.
* envío a un especialista = referral.
* especialista de la información = information specialist.
* especialista en agricultura = agricultural specialist.
* especialista en anatomía = anatomist.
* especialista en bibliometría = bibliometrician.
* especialista en bibliotecas = library specialist.
* especialista en conservación = preservationist ; conservationist.
* especialista en conservación de libros = book conservation specialist.
* especialista en econometría = econometrician.
* especialista en el desarrollo = developmentalist.
* especialista en genética = geneticist.
* especialista en inmunología = immunologist.
* especialista en la lógica = logician.
* especialista en medio ambiente = environmentalist.
* especialista en metadatos = metadata specialist.
* especialista en microscopista = microscopist.
* especialista en mobiliario = furnisher.
* especialista en multimedia = media specialist.
* especialista en osteopatía = osteopathic physician.
* especialista en recuperación = retrievalist.
* especialista en reformatear = reformatter.
* especialista en retórica = rhetorician.
* especialista en una materia = subject specialist.
* especialista en ciencias de la tierra = earth scientist.
* especialista temático = subject specialist.
* herramienta para especialistas = specialist tool.
* no especialista = non-expert [nonexpert].
* producto para especialistas = specialist product.

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