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property, estate; manor
cultivate, prepare the ground for planting
Finnish, of Finland; of the people of Finland

estate, farm, property, ranch


(n.) = farm ; estate ; farmhouse ; farmstead ; homestead ; manor ; country state.
Ex: Librarians are no strangers to the use of mobile vans as a means of taking books to scattered rural communities, even individual farms and stately homes.
Ex: The Portland Archive is one of the most valuable family and estate archives in the country describing how the Porland family built up its estates.
Ex: The new library extension is in the style of the old farm houses and forms right angles with the old, now restored, main building which houses offices and local history collection.
Ex: At that time, the rural countryside was dotted with small farmsteads.
Ex: The scattered remains of homesteads also dot the rugged landscape.
Ex: These manors were isolated, with occasional visits from peddlers, pilgrims on their way to the Crusades, or soldiers from other fiefdoms.
Ex: When a young woman dies during a shooting party at the country estate of a dissolute count, a magistrate is called to investigate.
* en la propia finca = on-farm.
* finca agrícola = arable farm.
* finca ganadera = cattle ranch ; ranch.
* finca pequeña = croft.
* finca privada = private estate.
* gestión de fincas = land management.
* terrenos de la finca = estate grounds.

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