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firmness, steadiness; sureness; fastness; buoyancy

steadiness, sturdiness, firmness


(n.) = firmness ; steadiness ; sureness ; sturdiness ; tautness.
Ex: To implement this policy without creating resentment requires firmness and sensitivity.
Ex: As the sobbing abated, the secretary's voice regained some steadiness.
Ex: In other words, to make sense of life-situations and to make intelligent decisions when we meet them, we need to have pondered the various possibilities either before the situations arise or with speed and sureness when they arise.
Ex: The life of military brats is a 'mixed bag': they're worldly and sophisticated, which civilians might label as 'sturdiness'.
Ex: Your tits will sag, your scrotums will lose their perky tautness and young, stupid adolescent males will make fun of you.
* con firmeza = assertively ; resolutely ; firmly ; unshakably ; staunchly.

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