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pamphlet, brochure, booklet; handout, handbill; prospectus

leaflet, pamphlet, paperback


(n.) = booklet ; handout [hand-out] ; handbill ; leaflet ; pamphlet ; flyer [flier, -USA].
Nota: Hoja suelta que se distribuye normalmente en la calle como medio de publicidad.
Ex: The reference department contain quick reference material including street and trade directories, bus, train and air timetables, year-books, gazetteers, list of addresses, booklets, guide books, etc.
Ex: Many libraries attempt to predict their users' questions and have material ready for sale, or hand-outs to answer them.
Ex: A broadside is a separately published piece of paper, printed on one side only and intended to be read unfolded; usually intended to be posted, publicly distributed, or sold, e.g. proclamations, handbills, ballad-sheets, news-sheets.
Ex: Files of small documents such as leaflets and newspaper cuttings are a means of storing full text.
Ex: The term nonbook may extend to pamphlets, microforms and serials.
Ex: Bibliographies were compiled from holdings of major research libraries, CIP records, and publishers' flyers.
* caja para folletos = pamphlet box.
* estante para folletos = pamphlet rack ; leaflet rack.
* folleto informativo = prospectus [prospectuses, -pl.] ; information sheet ; information leaflet ; Y-ME publication ; brochure.

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