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lazy, idle
idler, slacker, lazy person; slob; shirker, truant

= dodger ; lazybones ; layabout ; idler ; lounger ; thumb twiddler ; slop(e)y shoulders.
Nota: Persona que intenta evadir sus responsabilidades pasándoselas a otros.
Ex: Street boys like Slake, a dodger used to running away, do not, even when they are myopic and dreamers, allow themselves to bump into lampposts.
Ex: Many see his art as a vocation for lazybones and social misfits.
Ex: There is no evidence that inherited wealth is in itself responsible for turning young people into useless layabouts.
Ex: This magazine prints essays and stories that celebrate the joyful life of an idler.
Ex: So which one of us will be the first one who gets fired because of being a lounger?.
Ex: Lincoln was not a thumb twiddler like his predecessor in the White House, James Buchanan.
Ex: I agree with her on that one -- we have several people at work who are called 'slopey shoulders' behind their backs.

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