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thank you!, thanks; cheers
thanks, gratitude; blessings
humor, drollery; gracefulness, charm; grace, beauty; kindness; good will; mercy; reprieve, pardon; prayer, blessing

gratitude, thanks

thank you

= thanks ; thankyou ; thanx ; ta.
Nota: Abreviatura coloquial de Thanks.
Ex: Special thanks to the ISAD Program Planning Committee, in particular its chairperson, for the conceptual organization.
Ex: I would therefore like to give a blanket thankyou to everyone who has talked or written to me in my research and they must now number thousands rather than hundreds.
Ex: I would like to give a huge THANX to all of the wonderful people who contributed to our site, and helped make it an incredible, international, award-winning success.
Ex: 'You alright?' -- 'Yeah, ta,' she said = "¿Estás bien?"-"Si, gracias," dijo.
* dar gracias por lo que Uno tiene = count + Posesivo + blessings.
* Día de Acción de Gracias = Thanksgiving.
* gracias a = thanks to ; courtesy of ; by recourse to.
* gracias a Dios = thank goodness.
* gracias a la TI = IT-enabled.
* gracias al cual = whereby.
* gracias de antemano = TIA [Thanks in advance] ; thanks in advance.
* gracias por = thanks for.
* muchas gracias = Thank you very much ; ta very much.
* muchísimas gracias = thanks a bunch!.
(n.) = amnesty ; grace ; wit.
Ex: Security at the library has been improved and recommendations for the future include: amnesty weeks for the return of books and severe penalties for offenders, e.g. expulsion for a student, dismissal for a member of staff.
Ex: God offers penitents redemption but also bestows His 'common grace' on all.
Ex: The tone of voice should suggest that the inquirer's interest demonstrates something positive about the person -- if not charm, wit, or intelligence, then perhaps earnestness.
* aguantar con gracia = suffer with + grace.
* asestar el golpe de gracia = administer + the coup de grace ; deliver + the coup de grace.
* caer en gracia = take + a fancy to ; take + a shine to ; take + a liking to ; cotton (on) to.
* con gracia = wittily ; funnily ; prettily.
* dar el golpe de gracia = administer + the coup de grace ; deliver + the coup de grace ; strike + a death blow ; deal + a death blow ; deal + a killer blow ; deliver + a killer blow ; deliver + a death blow.
* golpe de gracia = coup de grace ; kiss of death ; killer blow ; death blow.
* gracia redentora = saving grace.
* hacer gracia = tickle + Posesivo + fancy ; feel + amused.
* lleno de gracia = graceful.
* morir en estado de gracia = die in + a state of grace.
* morir en gracia = die in + a state of grace.
* no hacer ninguna gracia = not take + kindly to.
* periodo de gracia = grace period ; time of grace.
* sin gracia = dowdy .
* sin nada de gracia = unfunny.
* sufrir con gracia = suffer with + grace.
* tiro de gracia = coup de grace.
* verle la gracia a Algo = see + the funny side.

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