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thread; chain of messages on a particular subject on the Internet (Computers); execution procedure which is part of an application (Computers); yarn; line; twine; lead
spin, form thread or yarn by drawing out and twisting fibers


thread , yarn

thread it spun

(n.) = thread ; strand ; thread ; linen ; yarn.
Ex: Wronski remained silent for a moment, looking at the thin gray threads of smoke that were rising from his cigarette.
Ex: Vegetable fibres in their raw state contain the necessary strands of cellulose which can be converted into paper.
Ex: The thread linking these giants is the acknowledgement that libraries exist to serve their users.
Ex: The raw material of white paper was undyed linen -- or in very early days hempen -- rags, which the paper-maker bought in bulk, sorted and washed, and then put by in a damp heap for four or five days to rot.
Ex: This is the perfect yarn for knitting when the luxury and durability of pure new wool is desired.
* encaje de hilo = tatting.
* grapadora de hilo de alambre = wire stapler ; wire binder.
* hebra de hilo = strand of thread.
* hilo conductor = common thread.
* hilo de agua = trickle ; dribble.
* hilo de bramante = twine.
* hilo de cobre = copper wire.
* hilo dental = dental floss.
* hilo magnético = magnetic wire.
* hilo telegráfico = telegraph wire.
* limpiarse los dientes con hilo dental = floss + Posesivo + teeth.
* mover los hilos = be behind.
* perder el hilo = lose + the thread.
* retomar el hilo = pick up + the thread ; take up + the thread.
* seguir el hilo = follow + the thread.
* tanga de hilo = G-string ; gee-string.
* tanga de hilo dental = G-string ; gee-string.
* tirar del hilo = put two and two together.
* vida + pender + de un hilo = live on + the line.
* vivir pendiendo de un hilo = live on + the line.
(v.) = texture ; spin.
Nota: Verbo irregular: pasado spun/span, participio spun.
Ex: The play was an entrancing production that was textured with ideas, witty, and cunningly crafted.
Ex: Then the fairies told them how happily the spiders lived among the green leaves spinning garments for their neigbbors.
* hilar demasiado fino = split + hairs.
* rueda de hilar = spinning wheel.
* torno de hilar = spinning wheel.

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