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implementation, carrying out, performing; putting into effect

= deployment ; execution ; implementation ; enablement ; delivery ; realisation [realization, -USA].
Ex: In the context of this report any such policy would have to accept that speedy response to current problems requires the deployment of resources in favour of innovative information-driven programmes.
Ex: Those are the elements which will contribute directly to the execution of these skills with greater competence.
Ex: This software is important to the further implementation of the record format, especially in developing countries.
Ex: The aim was that the edge would come from leveraging its knowledge assets, ie the leadership and expertise of its worldwide work force, through information technology enablement.
Ex: Entry of number '21' reverses the present delivery status.
Ex: Likewise, a library or consortium -- and ultimately the user -- is ill-served by a system which inhibits the realisation of a rational collection policy by permitting the duplication of expensive items.

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