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India, large territory in southern Asia; country located in southern Asia
Indian, of or pertaining to Native American Indians; of Indian origin; azure
Indian, member of any of the aboriginal peoples inhabiting North and South America or the West Indies, one of Indian origin; Native American, American Indian



(n.) = Indian ; all-India ; indium.
Nota: Elemento de la tabla periódica.
Ex: The Colon Classification was devised by the eminent Indian librarian and classificationist the late S R Ranganathan.
Ex: This article presents an overview of the all-India coordinated research projects.
Ex: CD-E (CD-Erasable) uses an alloy composed of silver, indium, antimony and tellurium as the recording medium.
* fondos indio americanos = American Indian materials.
* guerrero indio = brave.
* hacer el indio = horse around/about ; fool around/about ; monkey around/about ; clown around/about ; goof around/about ; lark around/about.
* indio americano = American Indian ; North American Indian.
* indio de méjico = Mexican Indian.
* indio nativo americano = American Indian ; Native American.
* más quemado que la pipa (de) un indio = completely burned-out ; totally burned-out.
* mujer india norteamericana = squaw.
* que no es de la India = non-Indic.
* reserva india = Indian reservation.
* subcontinente indio, el = Indian subcontinent, the.
* tienda india = tepee ; wigwam.
* tribu india = Indian tribe.
* y ahora me cuentas una de indios = pull the other one (it's got bells on (it)).

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