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graft, portion of a plant inserted into the stem of another (Horticulture); portion of tissue which has been surgically transplanted from one place to another; act of grafting; illegal or dishonest acquisition of money
graft, inserted a portion of a plant into the stem of another (Horticulture); surgically transplant a portion of tissue from one place to another; illegally or dishonestly acquire money

grafting, graft

(n.) = infill ; graft ; grafting ; scion.
Ex: This paper discusses the following methods of treatment in the conservation of seals: cleaning; dealing with cracks; the questions of infill and reversibility; and polishing.
Ex: The problem of grafts not sticking sufficiently to the document was solved by beating and the correct solvents.
Ex: Topics covered include planting the seed, transplanting the seed, propagation by cuttings, and grafting.
Ex: Scions are selected from the previous season's growth, while they are dormant, but before growth begins in the spring.
* injerto cutáneo = skin graft.
* injerto de piel = skin graft.
* inserción de injertos = infilling.
* rechazo de injerto = graft rejection.
(v.) = graft ; bud.
Ex: They are a core, a set of basic propositions, onto which are grafted a rich variety of other possibilities.
Ex: Sprouting was earliest in the plants budded during the second week of September.

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