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exchange, swap, interchange; cartel
interchange, exchange; reciprocate

exchange, interchange, swap, swapping



(n.) = exchange ; exchange acquisition ; interchange ; exchange visit ; cross-pollination ; barter ; cross-fertilisation [cross-fertilization, -USA] ; transposition ; sharing ; bartering ; swapping.
Ex: National agencies creating MARC records use national standards within their own country, and re-format records to UNIMARC for international exchange.
Ex: The 'on approval', 'gift', and 'exchange' types are useful for statistical purposes.
Ex: Both UKMARC and UNIMARC comply with ISO 2709, the international standard for bibliographic record interchange on magnetic tape.
Ex: The article 'To the Polar Circle on exchange visit' describes a 3 week exchange visit to the Regional Library in Rovaniemi, the largest of Finnish Lapland's 4 towns.
Ex: The conference disappointed in there was little cross-pollination of ideas between librarians in the developed and the developing countries.
Ex: International exchange of publications between libraries has long been a successful solution to the problem of barter where no absolute value is calculable.
Ex: Results indicate that the patterns of cross-fertilization vary greatly among these scientific fields.
Ex: Transposition of digits in a number is usually invisible to editors.
Ex: There are other networks which support the sharing of cataloguing data.
Ex: Holdings will become increasingly important as a bartering tool to gain additional access benefits.
Ex: The accidental swapping of babies at birth is an extremely rare occurrence in UK hospitals.
* adquisición por compra o intercambio = non-gratuitous acquisition.
* Cinta de Intercambio de Regristros MARC = MARC Exchange Tape.
* efectuar un intercambio = effect + an exchange.
* estudiante de intercambio = exchange student.
* formato de intercambio = exchange format.
* idioma de intercambio = exchange language.
* intercambio cultural = cultural exchange.
* intercambio de calor = heat exchange.
* intercambio de conocimientos = learning exchange ; cross-fertilisation [cross-fertilization, -USA] ; cross-fertilisation of knowledge.
* intercambio de conversación = conversation exchange ; language exchange.
* intercambio de direcciones = exchange of address.
* intercambio de estudiantes = student exchange.
* intercambio de experiencias = exchange of experience.
* intercambio de fondos = stock exchange.
* intercambio de ideas = fertilisation [fertilization, -USA] ; cross-fertilisation [cross-fertilization, -USA] ; cross-fertilisation of ideas ; exchange of ideas.
* intercambio de información = information exchange ; information interchange.
* intercambio de opiniones sobre = exchange of opinion on.
* intercambio de puestos de trabajo = job exchange.
* Intercambio Electrónico de Datos (EDI) = EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
* intercambio electrónico de información = electronic exchange of information.
* intercambio internacional = international exchange.
* intercambio lingüístico = language exchange.
* intercambio nacional = national exchange.
* intercambio verbal = exchange ; verbal transaction ; verbal exchange.
* lengua de intercambio = exchange language.
* programa de intercambio = exchange programme.
* sesión de intercambio = swap shop.
* visita de intercambio = exchange visit.
(v.) = swap ; swop ; barter.
Ex: The program automatically swaps CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files and executes a warm boot in one step.
Ex: While poking about among books children naturally discuss those they have read, swopping responses, and so leading each other on.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Learn how valuable knowledge is acquired, created, bought and bartered'.
* intercambiar comentarios = exchange + remarks.
* intercambiar experiencias = exchange + experience ; share + Posesivo + experience.
* intercambiar ideas = compare + notes ; exchange + ideas ; bounce off + ideas.
* intercambiar ideas con Alguien = bounce + ideas off + Nombre.
* intercambiar ideas y métodos = cross-pollinate.
* intercambiar información = exchange + data.
* intercambiar opiniones = exchange + views ; share + Posesivo + opinions.
* intercambiar palabras = bandy + words.
* intercambiar presos = exchange + prisoners.
* intercambiar prisioneros de guerra = exchange + prisoners of war.
* intercambiar rehenes = exchange + hotages.
* intercambiar saludos = exchange + greeting.

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