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interpretation, explanation; reading; rendition; exegesis; construction; performance; impersonation

translation interpreting, interpretation



(n.) = interpretation ; performance ; transcription ; re-enactment [reenactment] ; rephrasing ; rendition ; rendering ; acting ; reading.
Ex: In contrast, the choice of a subject heading or notation presents many varied problems of interpretation.
Ex: A miniature score is a musical score nor primarily intended for performance use, with type reduced in size.
Ex: A musical adaptation is a musical work that represents a distinct alteration of another work (e.g. a free transcription), a work that paraphrases parts of various works or the general style of another composer, or a work that is merely based on other music (e.g. variations on a them).
Ex: And literature is part of that essential human behavior; it engages us in pre-enactments and re-enactments.
Ex: This technique consists primarily of a rephrasing of a client statements, such as, 'If I am understanding correctly, you are looking for...'.
Ex: Librarians find this rendition of the public library story comforting, for it is quite fashionable to be identified with idealistic and humanitarian reform in this country.
Ex: It is proposed that a dictionary of personal proper names be compiled as a way to reach uniformity in the rendering of foreign personal names into Russian Cyrillic and back into the Latin alphabet.
Ex: Most authorities rightly warn us, however, that telling and reading are not the same as acting.
Ex: My reading of Joel's comments was that he'd be willing to drop all the others out of the picture if one of you were willing to do the whole thing.
* darle una interpretación = give + interpretation.
* dirigir interpretación musical = conduct.
* interpretación errónea = misinterpretation ; misrepresentation.
* interpretaciones = current accounts.
* interpretación musical = music performance ; musical performance.
* interpretación simultánea = simultaneous interpretation.
* mala interpretación = misinterpretation.
* malinterpretación = misreading.
* medio de interpretación = medium of performance.
* reinterpretación = reinterpretation [re-interpretation].

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