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magician, wizard; Magus, one of the Magi, one of the wise men who came from the East to worship the baby Jesus (Biblical); elf

wizard, conjurer, magician


(n.) = wizard ; magician ; sorcerer ; conjurer [conjuror] ; illusionist ; enchanter.
Ex: I was in for yet another of those numerously produced fantasies in which a pubescent child gets involved with underworld beings that are substandard versions of Le Guin's 'The wizard of Earthsea' or peritonitic spinoffs from the detritus of ill-digested Tolkien.
Ex: One teacher I knew used to poke his head round the door just at the end of the day and say something like, 'Tomorrow when we meet I am going to tell you about the evil magician,' and then he would disappear leaving us all agog.
Ex: In legend a potion is a concoction used to heal, bewitch or poison people, made by a magician, sorcerer or witch.
Ex: It is known that the word 'hocus pocus' appeared in the seventeenth century as a mock-Latin formula or incantation used by conjurers.
Ex: Two Lithuanian illusionists have reportedly set three new world records for holding their breath underwater.
Ex: As legend goes, they were charmed by an enchanter, who sent them to sleep and hid them in a cave.
* día de los Reyes Magos, el = Epiphany, the.
* El Mago de Oz = The Wizard of Oz.
* los (Tres) Reyes Magos = the three Wise Men.

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