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spot, roundish stain, dot, speck; blemish
spot, mark; soil, dirty; smear, smudge

blot, spot



(n.) = deposit ; spot ; blemish ; blob ; stain ; blotch ; taint ; blot ; mottle ; blemish.
Ex: Can you wonder that it should carry such deposits of jam, egg, butter, coffee and personal dirt?.
Ex: If the spot stays yellow the paper is decidedly acid; an in-between colour (green, grey, grey-green, yellow-green) indicates mild acidity; while if the spot goes purple, the paper is near-neutral or alkaline.
Ex: The third and final stage of proof correction was the press proof, when a sheet was read for residual blemishes.
Ex: Reciprocal RT references work both ways and are marked with a kind of blob in the shape of a distorted inverted comma.
Ex: Even though the facsimilist's paper is of the same period as that of the rest of the book, he is most unlikely to be able to match it precisely in all its characteristics thickness, texture, colour, chain-lines, watermark, and the propinquity of worm-holes and stains.
Ex: Typing errors cannot be obliterated with a normal erasing fluid as this would print and appear as a blotch on the copies.
Ex: The article is entitled 'The classification of literature in the Dewey Decimal Classification: the primacy of language and the taint of colonialism' = El artículo se titula "La clasificación de la literatura en la Clasificación Decimal de Dewey: la primacía del lenguaje y el daño del colonialismo".
Ex: Some editorial departments claim indexes are unnecessary and a typographical blot.
Ex: The preservation and size of iron mottles in the paste suggests that clays were minimally processed before vessel manufacture.
Ex: Caslon rejected the brash contrast of the later Dutch founts, and produced types that were without serious blemish, but also without much life.
* mancha de la piel = age spot.
* mancha de nacimiento = birthmark.
* mancha de petróleo = oil slick ; oil spill.
* mancha de sangre = blood stain.
* mancha de tinta = set-off ; inkblot.
* mancha en + Posesivo + honor = blot on + Posesivo + escutcheon.
* mancha producida por goteo = drip mark.
* mancha resistente = stubborn stain.
* manchas = staining.
* ser una mancha para = be a blot on.
* sin mancha = unblemished ; untainted ; stainless.
(v.) = smudge ; stain ; tarnish ; dirty ; soil ; besmirch ; splatter ; spatter ; tinge ; muck up ; goop.
Ex: At this stage the powder is just 'sitting' on the paper and would be easily smudged, so before the copy appears in the take-up tray the image is fixed by exposure to heat.
Ex: The item undergoing the treatment was an early Persian parchment manuscript which was badly stained.
Ex: The article is entitled 'NCLIS (National Commission on Libraries and Information Science) assessment of public information dissemination: some sound ideas tarnished by defense of obsolete approaches' = El artículo se titula "Evaluación de la difusión de información pública por la NCLIS (Comisión Nacional sobre Bibliotecas y Documentación): algunas ideas acertadas deslucidas por la defensa de métodos obsoletos".
Ex: This is the way that the printing paper would be protected from being dirtied by anything on the bed of the press beyond the margins of the pages.
Ex: Bright new copies of an unknown book naturally excite more attention than old 'readers' soiled from overuse.
Ex: the gulag was an atrocious system of incarceration and forced labor that had little to do with correction, that poisoned society, and that besmirched Soviet communism.
Ex: These nocturnal rampages by gangs of werewolves included chasing women, eating prodigiously, being splattered with mud, and caterwauling generally.
Ex: Instead of going to his desk, he proceeded to the window and lingered there idly watching the rain spatter on the pavement outside.
Ex: But the relief was tinged with apprehension that the new housing would lead to slums and crime, as some opponents have long feared.
Ex: The kids thought it was terrific fun to slash holes in the clothes and muck them up with black paint.
Ex: In fact, if I accidently goop some on my clothing, I can rest assured that it will come out in the wash without damaging or staining.
* manchar de sangre = bloody.
* manchar + Posesivo + (buena) reputación = drag + Posesivo + (good) reputation through the mud.
* manchar + Posesivo + (buen) nombre = drag + Posesivo + (good) name through the mud ; drag + Posesivo + (good) name through the dirt.
* manchar + Posesivo + imagen = tarnish + Posesivo + image.
* manchar + Posesivo + reputación = tarnish + Posesivo + reputation.
* mancharse las manos = get + Posesivo + hands dirty ; dirty + Posesivo + hands.

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