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dry dock

marine; seascape
marinate, marinade
sea, marine, pertaining to a sea, intended for use at sea
sailor, mariner



= Navy, the.
Nota: Expresión usualmente acompañada del artículo.
Ex: Some of the information supplied by a library is directed towards solving pragmatic problems of everyday living such as 'What ca I do about an abandoned car outside my front door?', 'I want to buy my son out of the Navy', 'My friend has just taken an overdose'.
* capitán de la marina = naval captain.
* Cuerpo de Marina = Navy Corps.
* de la marina = marine.
* Infantería de Marina, la = Marine Corps, the.
* Marina de Guerra = Royal Navy.
* marina mercante = merchant marine.
* marina mercante, la = merchant navy, the ; mercantile marine, the ; mercantile marine, the.
* oficial de la marina = marine officer.
(v.) = marinate ; marinade.
Ex: Everybody was served shelled shrimp marinated in a balsamic seasoning and grilled over a hardwood fire.
Ex: This is especially good if you cut a turkey breast in hunks and marinade overnight then grill.
(n.) = seaman [seamen -pl.] ; mariner ; tar.
Ex: For this reason, a portable lending library programme with books in boxes was developed to serve the library needs of seamen from 1859 to 1967.
Ex: Ulysses uses words to comfort and lull his mariners, to ease all minds about the hard decision he has made and to persuade all that his choice to leave is correct.
Ex: After the end of the work may able-bodied tars opted for the better pay and living conditions on privately owned merchant vessels.
* marino mercante = merchant seaman.
(adj.) = marine ; sea-going.
Ex: The deparment has also undertaken marine studies on squid taxonomy and distribution.
Ex: The article 'State of the art in sea-going libraries' describes the library service on board the USS George Washington focusing on the layout, facilities, origins, and purpose.
* alga marina = seaweed ; kelp.
* animal marino = marine animal.
* ave marina = sea bird.
* azul marino = navy-blue ; marine blue.
* biología marina = marine biology.
* caracol marino = sea snail.
* carta marina = navigational chart.
* concha marina = seashell.
* esponja marina = sea sponge.
* fauna y flora marina = marine wildlife ; marine life ; sea life.
* fondo marino = deep-sea floor.
* guardia marina = midshipman.
* hábitat marino = marine habitat.
* industria marina, la = marine industry, the.
* ingeniería marina = marine engineering.
* langosta marina = spiny lobster.
* lecho marino = seafloor [sea floor] ; ocean floor ; seabed [sea bed].
* león marino = sea lion.
* liebre marina = sea hare.
* mamífero marino = marine mammal ; sea mammal.
* medio ambiente marino = marine environment.
* monstruo marino = sea monster.
* parque marino = marine park.
* pesca marina = saltwater fishing.
* pez marino = marine fish.
* predador marino = sea predator.
* profundidades marinas = deep-sea floor.
* sal marina = sea salt.
* sedimento marino = sea sediment.
* serpiente marina = sea snake.
* tecnología marina = marine technology.
* tortuga marina = sea turtle.
* vaca marina = manatee.
* verde marino = sea green.

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