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native; native born
native, aboriginal



(n.) = native ; native inhabitant ; native person.
Ex: Malcolm Stanhope, also a native of the state, entered the library field at the age of 30, after having been a computer salesman for eight years.
Ex: The discovery of gold spurred wealth and immigation and intensified the subjugation of the native inhabitants = El descubrimiento de oro fomentó la riqueza y la inmigración e intensificó la represión de la población nativa.
Ex: It involved the right of a native person to follow his religious tradition which involved smoking an hallucinogenic substance.
* hablante nativo = native speaker.
* nativo de Alaska = Alaskan Native.
* nativos = aboriginal people.
* no nativo = non-native.
(adj.) = native ; autochthonous ; native-born.
Ex: During his relatively brief career as a corporate tactician, Jeff Gordon, a lanky 32-year-old who retains a touch of the 'aw shucks' manner of his native southland, has chalked up some substantial achievement.
Ex: The paper argues that autochthonous language communities should be formally recognised as distinct ethnic groups.
Ex: Rapid increases in the foreign-born population at the state level are not associated with negative effects on the employment of native-born workers.
* indio nativo americano = American Indian ; Native American.
* lengua nativa = native language ; native tongue.
* país nativo = native country.
* persona nativa = native person.
* planta nativa = native plant ; indigenous plant.
* población nativa = native population ; aboriginal people ; native inhabitant.
(n.) = aboriginal people.
Ex: This is an important contribution to our understanding of the lamentably neglected subject of the plight of the aboriginal people of India.

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