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front door

doorway; gate; gantry; portal, web site that serves as gateway to the Internet, anchor site (e.g., Yahoo, Excite, HotBot, etc.)



(n.) = doorway ; portal.
Nota: Entrada suntuosa.
Ex: Heads started appearing in the doorway, muttering, 'Oh! So this is the library'.
Ex: As a stranger enters the portals of the library, he is not overwhelmed by the high visibility of the reference or the information desk.
* en el portal = in the doorway.
(n.) = portal ; Web site [website] ; site ; search engine ; subject gateway ; gateway ; portal site ; gateway site ; metasite.
Ex: Portals are those Web sites which tend to be the starting points for Internet users and are the most intensively used consumer Web sites in the world.
Ex: Generally speaking, people who post information at Web sites intend to make it freely available.
Ex: However, as phone systems improve, you can expect this to change too; more and more, you'll see smaller sites (even individuals home systems) connecting to the Internet.
Ex: The number of World Wide Web (WWW) databases or search engines has grown rapidly = El total de bases de datos o buscadores World Wide Web ha aumentado rápidamente.
Ex: Subject gateways are Internet-based services designed to help users locate 'high quality' information that is available on the Internet and consists typically of a database describing Internet resources and offering hyperlinks to them.
Ex: One of the roles of the local library is to act as a gateway to other information sources.
Ex: The author presents a view of portal sites as a radically different model from those currently embraced by traditional information companies.
Ex: The search engines are attempting to become portal or gateway sites, keeping visitors for longer.
Ex: The article 'Virtual holiday excursions' covers metasites, holiday sites, virtual travel, pleasure reading, odd ball sites, personal psychology, personal ads, and fortune telling.
* módulo de aceso de un portal = portlet.
* portal de Internet = Web portal ; Internet portal ; web-based research guide.
* portal temático = subject guide ; subject portal.
* portal vertical = vortal (vertical portal).
* portal web = Web portal ; Web guide.
* ventana de un portal = portlet.

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