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position, standing; lieu, stead, place


position, job stand, position, stance, location


position stand

(n.) = attitude ; character position ; location ; position ; position ; ranking ; footing ; stand ; rank number ; stance ; standing ; grading ; mindshare.
Ex: One major hurdle remain before wider implementation can be expected user attitudes and acceptance of this physical form of catalogue and index.
Ex: The record length is the number of character positions in the record including the record label and the record separator.
Ex: Having been alerted to the existence of a document, the user needs information concerning the actual location of the document, in order that the document may be read.
Ex: He has held a variety of positions of increasing responsibility.
Ex: The directory is a finding list which lists for every field its tag, the number of characters in the field, and the starting character position of the field within the record.
Ex: Those documents with sufficiently high rankings will be deemed relevant and eventually retrieved.
Ex: Certain new factors have fertilized the ground for the rooting and growth of activity on a stronger and firmer footing than has ever been possible in the past.
Ex: The Midwinter Meeting of the American Library Association included various items of business such as: the ALA stand on UNESCO; a new dues schedule; grants; role of school librarians in ALA; new cataloguing tools; and standards.
Ex: The article is entitled 'Journal ranking: the issue of allotting rank numbers when there is a tie'.
Ex: It is precisely such programme arrangements which seemed, upon examination, to produce an equivocal stance on the question of applying the technology in a user-orientated way.
Ex: Their sheer institutional standing and regard have had a bearing upon the creation of a situation which is a good deal better than it might otherwise have been.
Ex: It is interesting that, in this case, socio-economic grading was a better social discriminator than was terminal educational age.
Ex: Libaries mindshare in this new self-service e-resource environment is also clear: behind newer entrants.
* alta posición = high estate.
* aprovecharse de + Posesivo + posición = take + advantage of + Posesivo + position.
* cambiar de posición = transpose ; reposition [re-position].
* colocarse en la posición de = place + Reflexivo + in the position of.
* de posición intermedia = middle-ground.
* en la mejor posición = best-positioned.
* en posición correcta = the right way round.
* en una buena posición = well-positioned ; well-placed.
* escalar posiciones = come (up) from behind.
* estar en la mejor posición para = be best positioned to.
* estar en posición de = be in a position to.
* luz de posición = sidelight.
* mantener la posición = hold + the line.
* ocupar la mejor posición para = be in the best position to ; be best positioned to ; be the best placed to.
* ocupar una posición = take + position ; fill + niche ; occupy + a niche.
* ocupar una posición de = be in position of.
* ocupar un posición = occupy + position.
* posición de comienzo = offset value.
* posición del loto, la = lotus position, the ; padmasana.
* posición del perrito = doggy position.
* posición de poder = position power.
* posición de ventaja = high ground.
* posición elevada = high ground.
* posición enemiga = enemy position.
* posición estratégica = vantage point.
* posición geográfica = geolocation.
* posición incorrecta, en = wrong way round, the.
* posición inicial = lead position ; starting position.
* posición intermedia = middle way.
* posición privilegiada = advantageous position.
* posición social = social standing ; social status.
* posición ventajosa = vantage point ; high ground.
* primera posición = pole position ; pole start ; first place.
* primera posición de salida = pole start ; pole position.
* que ocupa la mejor posición = best-positioned.
* reconsiderar posición = reconsider + position.
* subir posiciones = come (up) from behind.

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