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producer, manufacturer


(n.) = developer ; producer ; producer ; production company ; emanating body.
Ex: Packages are used by many clients of the developer, and this very fact can lead to many benefits.
Ex: For some categories of materials it can be difficult to distinguish publishers from distributors and/or producers.
Ex: A producer is the person with final responsibility for the making of a motion picture, including business aspects, management of the production, and the commercial success of the film.
Ex: The production company is the organization that determines the content and form of a motion picture and is responsible for its manufacture or production.
Ex: Some libraries with greater financial resources may opt for obtaining material direct from the emanating body as being more reliable and cheaper in the long run.
* Asociación Americana de Productores Cinematográficos = Motion Picture Association of America.
* Comité de las Organizaciones de Productores Agr = Committee of Agricultural Producer Organizations (COPA).
* país productor de información científica = science producer.
* precio del productor = producer price.
* productora cinematográfica = film company.
* productor de aplicaciones informáticas = application(s) developer.
* productor de bases de datos = database producer.
* productor de cine = film maker [filmmaker/film-maker] ; moviemaker [movie maker].
* productor de lana = wool producer.
* productor de software = software house ; software producer.
* productor de vídeo = videographer.
* productor de vídeos = video developer.
* productor de vino = winemaker.
(adj.) = originating.
Ex: Refinements allow the user to search for: the originating agency; the date of exposure; the image format; the cloud cover; satellite; etc..
* entidad productora = emanatorship.
* productor de bienes = goods-producing.

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