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Rome, capital city of Italy; capital of the ancient Roman Empire
dull, blunt; boring

The ROMA. Gypsy language word for the Gypsy race(s).



(n.) = Rome.
Ex: Julius Caesar had the idea of founding a national or public library in Rome 'to open to the public the greatest possible libraries of Greek and Latin books'.
* hablando de Roma, por la puerta asoma = speak of the devil ; talk of the devil.
* remover Roma con Santiago = move + heaven and earth ; leave + no stone unturned ; hunt + high and low ; look + high and low ; search + high and low ; search + high and wide.
* Tratado de Roma, el = Rome Treaty, the.
(adj.) = dull ; chipped ; blunt.
Ex: These librarians are given Haykin upon the day of their arrival and are expected to read the entire dull document and use it as a guideline in establishing subject headings.
Ex: Here and there, elderly citizens tend tiny, packed shops selling candy and chipped bottles of cold soda.
Ex: The article 'Serials cuts (and the use of a blunt knife)' outlines the initial actions taken by a serial librarian when first faced with the need to cut his serials budget.
* antigua Roma = ancient Rome.
* Tratado de Roma, el = Treaty of Rome, the.

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