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expert witness

radio, wireless; radius; spoke; rayon; radium
ray, radiate

radio, wireless



(v.) = radiate ; radio.
Ex: One method to strengthen brittle paper without unbinding the books is to impregnate them with monomer acrylics and to radiate for polymerisation.
Ex: Wearing plain clothes and standing on a street corner, the trooper radioed fellow troopers parked nearby who pulled over drivers not wearing a seat belt.
* radiar de alegría = beam with + joy ; beam with + happiness ; be radiant with joy ; be radiant with happiness.
* radiar de felicidad = be radiant with happiness ; be radiant with joy ; beam with + happiness ; beam with + joy.
= airwaves, the.
Ex: The idea of teletext is to supply, over the airwaves, such items of information as news flashes, the latest sport results, and commodity prices. (n.) = radio ; radio set ; tranny [trannie].
Ex: Some subjects have changes in usage over time, e.g. wireless, radio, transistor.
Ex: A spider web of metal, sealed in a thin glass container, a wire heated to brilliant glow, in short, the thermionic tube of radio sets is made by the hundred million, tossed about in packages, plugged into sockets -- and it works!.
Ex: He's only reason to listen to the trannie on a Saturday morning, while running around doing housework.
* anuncio publicitario de la radio = sound bite ; radio spot.
* anuncio publicitario por radio = radio commercial ; radio spot ; sound bite ; radio commercial.
* aparato de radio = radio set.
* avisar por radio = radio.
* comentarista de radio y/o televisión = broadcast commentator.
* compañía de radio televisión = broadcaster.
* comunicar por radio = radio.
* de la televisión o la radio = off the air.
* difusión por radio y televisión = broadcast ; broadcasting.
* emisora de radio = radio station.
* escuchar la radio = listen to + the radio.
* estación de radio = radio station ; broadcasting station.
* estudio de radio = radio studio ; broadcasting studio.
* identificación por frecuencia de radio = radio frequency identification (RFID).
* industria de la radio y televisión, la = broadcasting industry, the.
* locutor de radio = radio show host ; radio announcer ; radio presenter.
* medios de comunicación por radio y televisión = broadcast media.
* noticias de radio y = broadcast news ; broadcast news.
* onda de radio = radio wave.
* operador de radio = radio operator.
* presentador de radio = radio show host ; broadcaster.
* presentador de radio famoso = radio personality.
* programa de radio = radio broadcast ; radio programme ; radio show.
* radio celular = cellular radio.
* radio de la policía = police radio.
* radio despertador = radio alarm ; clock radio.
* radio, la = airwaves, the.
* radio macuto = grapevine.
* radio televisión = broadcasting.
* señal de radio = radio signal.
* sintonizador de radio = tuner.
* transmitir por radio = radio.
(n.) = radius.
Ex: The fact that the library can only attract people within a relatively small radius means that it has no alternative but to serve whoever lives -- or works -- in that radius.
* amplio radio de acción = broad scope.
* dentro del radio de acción = within range.
* en un radio de + Distancia = within + Distancia.
* en un radio + Distancia = within a + Distancia + radius.
* radio de acción = radius of + Posesivo + action.
* radio de acción amplio = broad scope.
(n.) = spoke ; radius [radii/radiuses, -pl.].
Nota: Hueso del antebrazo.
Ex: The rolling press consisted essentially of a frame in which two large rollers were mounted one above the other, and were turned by means of four large spokes radiating from the axle of the upper one.
Ex: The ulna is the longer of the two bones of the forearm, the other being the radius.

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