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rare; infrequent; dignified; extraordinary; odd
dandy, man excessively concerned with his clothes and appearance

outlandishness, odd, unusual, strange


(adj.) = bizarre ; queer ; rare ; unusual ; eccentric ; odd ; uncommon ; untoward ; weird ; awry ; funny ; outlandish ; freaky ; uncanny ; cranky ; kinky ; flaky [flakey] ; freakish ; quirky ; strange ; fluk(e)y .
Ex: Some of them will be sufficiently bizarre to suit the most fastidious connoisseur of the present artifacts of civilization.
Ex: Several years later, his talk with a friend turns to the queer ways in which a people resist innovations, even of vital interest.
Ex: In practice critical abstracts are rare, and certainly do not usually feature in published secondary services.
Ex: If the book has an unusual shape then both the height and the width of the book will be given.
Ex: School classrooms are sometimes extraordinarily badly designed with poor acoustics, ineffective blackout facilities, and notoriously eccentric electrical outlets.
Ex: There is little modulation, whole steps of division being short-circuited and an odd assembly of terms being frequently found: e.g.: LAW see also JURY, JUDGES.
Ex: Early woodcut initials, coats of arms, etc., were sometimes made from wood cut across the grain, but the use of end-grain blocks remained uncommon until the later eighteenth century.
Ex: Perhaps, he questioned himself, this is the way every principal operates, and there is nothing untoward in it.
Ex: This paper surveys some of the more weird World Wide Web sites.
Ex: Could she not have detected that something in his behavior was awry?.
Ex: The article 'What's that funny noise? Videogames in the library' explains how videogames have attracted many young irregular library users who may, in time, extend their attention to other library facilities.
Ex: This book discusses some of the most outlandish myths and fantastic realities of medical history.
Ex: This film is really just a series of throwaway skits that the director and scriptwriter attempt to lard with parody and freaky fantasy.
Ex: Surrealism is an art concerned not with love and liberation but with the uncanny, the compulsion to repeat, and the drive toward death.
Ex: For example, you already know that living in a windowless room will make you cranky and out of sorts.
Ex: However, those desiring something off-the-wall, borderline kinky, and just plain mad might appreciate the novel.
Ex: Children who were in some way different were excused from family responsibilities in childhood because they were, for example, 'spoiled,' a 'problem child,' or 'flaky'.
Ex: 1816 was one of several years during the 1810s in which numerous crops failed during freakish summer cold snaps after volcanic eruptions that reduced incoming sunlight.
Ex: 'Why are barns frequently painted red?' -- These are the curious, slightly bizarre and somewhat quirky kinds of questions librarians deal with = "¿Por qué frecuentemente los graneros están pintados de rojo?"-Estas son el tipo de preguntas curiosas, un poco extrañas y algo extravagantes con las que los bibliotecarios tienen que lidiar.
Ex: The style of recording instructions for references differs from that in Sears', and can at first seem strange, but instructions are clear.
Ex: Really, we're all sure you're wonderful but your flukey dog has less to do with you and more to do with genetic weirdness than anything else.
* aunque parezca raro = strangely enough ; oddly enough ; strange though it may seem ; strange as it may seem ; although it may seem strange ; funnily enough ; funnily.
* bicho raro = rare bird ; odd bird ; odd fish ; freak of nature ; rare breed ; weirdo ; nerdy ; geek ; nerd ; geeky ; flake ; freak.
* colección de libros raros = rare book collection.
* comportarse de forma rara = behave + strangely.
* de aspecto raro = queer-looking ; odd-looking.
* de forma rara = oddly ; funnily.
* de manera rara = oddly ; funnily.
* demasiado raro = all too rare.
* de modo raro = funnily.
* de una manera rara = strangely.
* de un modo raro = freakishly.
* edición rara = rare edition.
* en casos raros = in rare cases.
* en circunstancias raras = in strange circumstances.
* encontrar un poco raro = find + Nombre + (a little) odd.
* enfermedad rara = rare disease.
* en raras ocasiones = in rare cases.
* en raros casos = in rare cases.
* especie rara = rare breed ; rare species.
* haber algo raro con = there + be + something fishy going on with.
* Ley de los Medicamentos Raros, la = Orphan Drug Act, the.
* libro raro = rare book.
* marca rara = rare make.
* muy rara vez = all too seldom ; once in a blue moon.
* parecer raro = sound + odd ; sound + weird.
* por alguna rara razón = for some odd reason.
* por muy raro que parezca = strangely enough ; oddly enough ; strange though it may seem ; strange as it may seem ; although it may seem strange.
* ¡qué raro! = how strange!.
* rara vez = infrequently ; rarely ; seldom ; uncommonly ; on rare occasions.
* sala de libros raros = rare book room.
* salvo raras excepciones = with rare exceptions.
* ser algo muy raro = be a rare occurrence ; be a rare sight.
* sonar raro = sound + weird ; sound + odd.
* tener un aspecto raro = look + odd.

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