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remind; recall, recollect, remember; retrace; eventide

remind, retrospect, remember

to remember

(v.) = cast + mind back to ; recall ; recollect ; remember ; remind ; hark(en) back to ; come back ; reminisce ; evoke ; be reminiscent of ; bring to + mind ; recur to ; hearken back to ; think back (to) ; take + a look back at.
Ex: First cast your mind back to our examination of the Colon Classification.
Ex: As will be recalled from the foregoing discussion of Panizzi's ideology, his main entry was designed to represent a book not as a individual entity but as an edition of a particular work by a particular author.
Ex: There was a heavy and prolonged silence as Datto scrambled through his mind, trying to recollect the details of the event that had apparently trigerred this violent reaction.
Ex: A summary at the end of a document is intended to complete the orientation of the reader, and to identify the significant ideas for the reader to remember.
Ex: The insert mode indicator (the arrow pointing upwards) appears on the screen to remind you that the keyboard is in insert mode.
Ex: The third point is one that harks back to the chapter on peer influences.
Ex: At the sight of the park, something came back to Slake.
Ex: A general session featured Isaac Asimov who reminisced about libraries in his youth and predicted the continuing need for libraries.
Ex: If my comments yesterday managed to evoke the landscape of the State of Ohio, I offer no apologies.
Ex: In this sense this book is reminiscent of the cunningly drawn pictures of our youth.
Ex: These commands bring to mind word frequency-based automatic indexing algorithms of the past 3 decades.
Ex: The kitchen was full of glancing sunlight and clean color; and as she sat there her mind recurred to her attempts to get her assistant to stay.
Ex: The term 'first cold press' hearkens back to the traditional method, where the best oil came from the first pressing; subsequent pressings release more oil, but of inferior quality.
Ex: Think back to the last person you were in a serious relationship with, would you ever get back together with them?.
Ex: In this edition we want to take a look back at some of the breakups that set the tongues wagging.
* ayuda para recordar = memory aid.
* digno de ser recordado = memorable.
* facilidad de recordar = memorability.
* facultad de recordar = power of recall.
* hacer recordar = jog + Posesivo + memory ; bring to + mind.
* que ayuda a recordar = memory-jogging.
* que + Pronombre + recordar = to the best of + Posesivo + recollection.
* que se recuerde = in living memory.
* recordar a = reek of.
* recordar a uno Algo = bring + Nombre + back to.
* recordar de un modo rápido = sweep back to.
* recordar el pasado = take + a trip down memory lane ; stroll down + memory lane ; take + a stroll down memory lane.
* recordar fácilmente = produce + on call.
* recordar mal = misremember.
* recordar + Posesivo + palabras = mark + Posesivo + words.
* recordar + Posesivo + pasado = look back at + Posesivo + life.
* recordar + Posesivo + vida = look back at + Posesivo + life.
* recordarse = go down as.
(v.) = go down as.
Ex: This year will go down as the most depressing doleful Christmas I've ever had.

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