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challenge, dare



(n.) = challenge ; gauntlet ; act of defiance ; defiance.
Ex: The duration of the cycle varies markedly from institution to institution, dependent upon the adaptability of the institutional structure to challenge and change.
Ex: Some time ago in a reference to the challenges of innovation, Steele (1983) described the 'gauntlet of innovation' as a process that has many barriers.
Ex: Moreover, her fatness is an act of defiance; in a world in which women are taught to take up as little space as possible, Lilian learns to foist her way into the public sphere.
Ex: Students relate easily to Mark Mathabane's questioning why he must attend school, his open defiance of his father, and his struggle to resist peer pressure.
* aceptar un reto = throw down + the gauntlet ; call + Posesivo + bluff ; throw + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring ; throw + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + hat in(to) the ring ; toss + Posesivo + cap in(to) the ring.
* afrontar un reto = address + a threat ; embrace + challenge.
* encontrarse ante un reto = in the face of + challenge.
* enfrentarse a un reto = face + a challenge ; meet + challenge ; undertake + challenge ; handle + a challenge ; confront + challenge.
* hacer frente a un reto = rise (up) to + challenge ; confront + challenge ; meet + challenge ; embrace + challenge.
* lleno de retos = challenging.
* nuevos retos = new horizons.
* plantear un reto = pose + a challenge.
* presentar reto = defy.
* presentar un reto = present + challenge ; provide + a challenge.
* que constituye un reto = challenging.
* que no representa reto = unchallenging.
* reto + avecinarse = challenge + lie ahead.
* reto deportivo = sporting challenge.
(v.) = challenge ; defy ; throw down + the gauntlet ; dare.
Ex: The only difference is the cataloger doesn't have to sit down and challenge himself, select one entry over the other, and say that this person is more responsible than another person for the work.
Ex: Some categories of material defy helpful categorisation, and need to be treated as special cases.
Ex: And, as if by way of indicating that he had thrown down the gauntlet, he added, 'I can be unpleasant. I warn you'.
Ex: 'Nah,' Kate chuckled, getting his drift, and then said 'I would've just barged in there and dared them to throw me out!' = "No" se rió Kate, entendiendo lo que él quería decir, y después dijo "!Hubiera irrumpido y les hubiese retado a echarme a la calle!".

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