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support, bracket; supporter; pillar; shell; mounting; backstay; calipers; tee
hold up; put up with, endure; outstay




= carry ; stand up to ; withstand ; endure ; put up with (it) ; stomach ; bear ; grin and bear it.
Ex: Cable TV systems have now been introduced in the United States that have the technical ability to carry two-way signals.
Ex: However, he would prefer a binding that will stand up to being stuffed into after-hours book drops and being hauled from one library to another.
Ex: While the current problems associated with serial economics have driven a wedge between vendors, librarians and publishers, they should be cooperating and communicating in order to withstand the information explosion.
Ex: On the other hand people passionately devoted to a hobby or sport or their work will endure without complaint conditions which less ardent folk think outrageously insupportable.
Ex: Have reading foisted on you as a duty, a task to be put up with, from which you expect no delight, and it can appear a drab business gladly to be given up.
Ex: Early man couldn't stomach milk, according to research.
Ex: One is tempted to say that the enthusiasts for postcoordinate systems, being forced to admit reluctantly that control was necessary, couldn't bear to use the old-fashioned term 'list of subject headings'.
Ex: She wanted to tell him to mind his own business, but since she was a bit indebted to him, she just had to grin and bear it.
* soportar el dolor = bear + the pain.
* soportar el peso de Algo = carry + the burden.
* soportarlo = live with it.
* soportar un ataque = suffer + an attack.
* soportar un peso = take + load.
(n.) = support ; mounting bracket ; bracket ; wall bracket ; mounting.
Ex: Plastic-covered wire or metal supports are designed to clip firmly to the shelf itself or to the base of the shelf above.
Ex: There is a possibility that the bolts attaching the tailgate strut mounting bracket to the body may become loose.
Ex: workers can easily drill through structural steel beams, making it easy to attach brackets, bolts and other components.
Ex: Unlike curtain rails, curtain poles do not have so many wall brackets.
Ex: The bike's vibrations may cause the unit to oscillate severely within its mounting.
* con soporte técnico = supported.
* con un soporte técnico malo = poorly-supported.
* que actúa de soporte = supporting.
* soporte administrativo = administrative support.
* soporte técnico = technical support.
(n.) = carrier ; container ; delivery medium ; medium [media, -pl.] ; mount ; physical carrier ; physical form ; stand ; stay ; storage medium ; prop ; physical medium ; holder ; media format ; media carrier ; physical format.
Ex: A carrier is a physical medium in which data, sound, images, etc., are stored.
Ex: For non-print materials data must be drawn from the work, its container or accompanying printed material.
Ex: The key to the effectiveness of the data base is digitilisation, which breaks down barriers imposed by time, physical distance and delivery medium.
Ex: When the term was coined the predominant information and text-carrying medium in libraries was the book.
Ex: A slide is a piece of transparent material on which there is a two-dimensional image, usually held in a mount, and designed for use in a projector or viewer.
Ex: For certain categories of material, the physical carrier consists of a storage medium (e.g., tape, film) sometimes encased in plastic, metal, etc., housing (e.g. cassette, cartridge) that is an integral part of the item.
Ex: This is an example of a classification which is restricted to a specific physical form, as it is used to classify maps and atlases.
Ex: The salesman places on a stand the customer's identification card, his own card, and the card taken from the article sold -- all punched cards.
Ex: The stays for tympan and frisket, the bar-catch, footstep, etc., were adjusted to the pressman's liking; the heap was positioned on the horse; and everything was ready to begin printing.
Ex: For certain categories of material, the physical carrier consists of a storage medium (e.g., tape, film) sometimes encased in plastic, metal, etc., housing (e.g. cassette, cartridge) that is an integral part of the item.
Ex: The main props to any retrospective bibliography must be a well formed national library which has a long history of collecting the records of a nation's culture.
Ex: Messages are transmitted by superimposing the signs on some form of physical medium -- a carrier.
Ex: Each data collection form is seen as an independent information holder, irrespective of the actual data it contains.
Ex: It is used for ordering and paying for books, serials and all media formats.
Ex: At present digital audio tape formats are considered to be a vulnerable media carrier.
Ex: A uniform title is given to express a change in physical format when a serial changes from one physical format to another.
* conocimiento de los diferentes soportes = media competency.
* construido sobre soportes verticales = stilted.
* de soporte de texto = text-carrying.
* en soporte electrónico = electronically held.
* gestión de soportes = media management.
* habilidad en el manejo de diferentes soportes = media competency.
* información en soporte = recorded information.
* orientado hacia los soportes = medium-oriented.
* papel soporte para estucado = body paper.
* soporte de grabación = recording medium.
* soporte de información = data medium.
* soporte de libro = book support.
* soporte de refuerzo = backing strip.
* soporte documental = information carrier ; information format.
* soporte multimedia = media format.
* soporte para la muñeca = wrist rest.
* soporte principal = mainstay.
* soportes = media [medium, -sing.].
* soportes de la información = information carrying media.
* soportes digitales = digital media.
* soportes electrónicos = electronic media (emedia).
* soportes no librarios = non-book media.
* soporte vertical = stilt.

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